Breaking The Habit

As a mom, one of the biggest challenge that I am facing is weaning my son, Cyler from thumb-sucking. I remember back in the day when I first saw him I already knew that he love to thumb-suck. And I guess he got that habit from me because I used to thumb-suck too when I was a small kid. My mom had a hard time breaking that habit from me. I only stopped thumb-sucking when I was 6yrs old because at that time I’m already attending school. So andun na yung nahihiya nako so that’s the only time I completely weaned myself from thumb-sucking. But just imagine how long it has been before I completely weaned myself from that habit.

So seeing my son thumb-sucking is like dejavuh. He’s my mirror, I see my old self from him. Our beloved pedia, Doc Vienne told us that we should wean Cyler from that habit before he reach 3 because it may affect the development of his teeth. So Cj and I take it as a big challenge. Unlike pacifiers, for an obvious reason you can’t really hide the thumb from your child. Andyan lang yan eh so anytime they have the urge to suck it hindi mo yan matatago. So that’s our biggest challenge. We already tried putting chilli sauce or even siling labuyo on his thumb buuuuuut…. it didn’t work! Surprisingly, Cyler loves anything spicy. It is somehow kinda frustating but that’s part of disciplining our child.

So what did I do? After reading Ate Maggie’s post about weaning Lucas from pacifier I know deep inside of me that I have to do the same with Cyler. I know it’s not easy but I have to do it. So three weeks ago, I decided to completely wean Cyler from thumb-sucking. T’was hard for me most especially to Cyler but I’m happy to say that….we did it! The first three days was really tough, he was crying the whole night because I was holding his hand and I kept on telling him that he’s already a big boy and he should stop from thumb-sucking. We came to the point where he couldn’t really sleep because he wanted his thumb but I insisted to him not to do it. My other problem was Mama, because she couldn’t resist Cyler most especially when she see Cyler crying. But I told her that if she will just allow Cyler to do it then all our efforts will be wasted. Hindi rin masasanay si Cyler kung parating pagbibigyan.

So in short, tiniis namin lahat ng drama ni Cyler. He was crying and asking for it but we stand still with our decisions until such time that he got the hang of it. After three sleepless nights, he can already sleep without the help of his thumb and I noticed that even during the day he’s no longer thumb-sucking anymore. Before kasi ma-bored lang sya naka-thumbsuck na agad yan eh but now wala na talaga although sometimes pag tulog sya and he’s not aware bigla syang nagthu-thumbsuck pero pag sinalpakan mo na ng milk wala na tumitigil na. It’s a sign kasi that he’s hungry and he wants milk.

And also, I’m so glad because he’s not a picky-eater anymore his appetite is back after we weaned him from thumb-sucking. You know why? Because thumb-sucking can lead to loss of appetite. Now Cyler loves to eat from time to time and his milk intake increases too.

So for those parent’s who have the same problem too with their kids here are pieces of advice that you can use when weaning your child from thumb-sucking: (1) The earlier you prevent it, the better. Kami kasi we let him do it when he was still an infant ang katwiran namin let the kids be kids. But if you can really stop your child from doing it as early as you can then might as well prevent it habang maaga pa. (2) If your kids are thumb-sucking for more than a year (like Cyler), wait for the right time that he can actually understand the concept that he is not allowed to thumb-suck anymore. I guess, toddler ages 2 years and above can actually understand what you are trying to tell them. Communication is our key to success. (3) Stand firm with your decision. Don’t be affected by all the drama, remember you’re doing it not for yourself but for your child. (4) It’s not easy, but you can do it. I’m telling you this coz I’ve been there, so if we did it then you can do it too! (5) Think positive, wag kang aayaw! πŸ™‚

So there hope it helps you Moms and Dads. Can we all say Hooray for Cyler’s milestones?! HOORAY!

6 thoughts on “Breaking The Habit

  1. (3) Stand firm with your decision. Don’t be affected by all the drama, remember you’re doing it not for yourself but for your child.

    This is almost exactly what I said in my last blog post re: disciplining my daughter. πŸ™‚ Apir! πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks for this post Mommy Sha! My Tyler naman is a nail biter. As in I don’t need to cut his fingernails anymore kasi napudpod na nya. I also tried holding his hands at night so that he can’t bite his nails. I did it for 2 nights and he is stil at it. Kinapos pala ako ng 1 day πŸ™‚ I’d give it a try again. Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

    • I guess patience is also the key, just try and try until he get the hang of it. Masasanay din yan in time.And also try to tell Tyler that he must stop it kasi big boy na sya, that really works to Cyler. πŸ™‚

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