Celebrating Love!

Cj and I seldom go out on a date na kami lang dalawa, most of the time kasama talaga namin ang bagets. We always feel guilty every time we go on a date without Cyler although we both know that going out on date every once in a while won’t make us a bad parents at all. In fact, it can actually strengthen our marriage. For those who are married who have kids do you guys feel the same way too? I guess ganun ata talaga when you have kids noh? It’s so hard to leave the kids and most of the time kasama talaga ang mga kids sa mga lakad nio mag-asawa but I’ve read an article before that says married couple (especially the one with kids) should go out on a date at least twice a month despite your hectic sched at work and at home because it strengthen your bond as husband and wife.


I know it’s really hard especially if you have a  clingy kids (like us!) and busy schedules, and fitting a date in can be complicated  but believe me it’s a must and it’s really worth your time. Spending time with your partner is so important in a relationship. And they say that when you go out on a date make sure that you set aside the kids and never talk about the kids or even work, talk about the other things and remember the old days when it is just the two of you.

That’s why last November 11 on our 3rd year anniversary we celebrated this memorable and special day na kami lang dalawa. I supposed to file a vacation leave at work (since Cj filed a vacation leave already) but due to my project deadline my boss didn’t permitted me to do so, I know it’s sad but I don’t have any choice. So I just went to work early so I can leave the office though I’ve got bunch of things that needs to be finish.

Cj fetched me at the office, when I entered the car I was literally shocked, surprised, and speechless with what I saw. Naka-bihis naman sya, in fairness. LOL! What really surprised me is that he was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers as he greeted me Happy Anniversary, then he kissed me and he gave the flower to me. Talaga naman maka-laglag panty ang ganap guys! HAHAHA! Moment kung moment talaga. I’m shocked because I haven’t receive any gift from my husband for such a long time and this simple gestures makes this day so memorable and special. Kinilig talaga ang lola ninyo ng bonggang-bongga! Ang haba ng hair ko that time abot from Makati to Baguio! LOL! We’re not the typical type of couples who used to exchange gifts whenever there’s a special occasion. My husband taught me that material things never last and is not really important, kaya we seldom give each other gifts. And when we do it really surprise us because it doesn’t happens all the time. And I like that because it’s really surprising when you least expect it.


After the “makalaglag-panty” moment, first thing that we did was to attend the mass and give glory unto the Lord. For without him we are also nothing. Walang Cj and Sharon ngayon kung wala si Lord diba? At mas lalong wala kaming Cyler kung wala si Lord. We also thank the Lord that despite all the tragedies happening here in our country, our family is one of the luckiest and safe from any harm.

After attending the mass, off we went to the movie house to buy movie tickets before we had dinner. I’m happy because it’s been a long time since we watch the movie.


After buying tickets we roamed around Greenbelt 5 and Greenbelt 3 to hunt for some good restaurant and we ended up at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt 2.


In fairness, the food and service didn’t dissappoint. Cj and I both agreed that the food here in Spicy Fingers are superb! Here’s what we ate.




Aside from the great food, the ambiance of this restaurant is really inviting too. They also have live band unfortunately we weren’t able to watch it kasi hinahabol namin ung start ng movie.


After our quick dinner, off we went to the movie house to watch Thor. Certified Papable talaga tong si Thor noh? Ang hot hot nya! LOL! Yun talaga ang napansin ko noh hindi ung content ng movie. HAHAHA! Ang pogi naman kasi! LOL!

After watching the movie, we went to Serenitea and spent more time chatting with each other. Chika galore lang ang peg! Ang saya parang mag-jowa lang.


We were having so much fun that we didn’t notice that it was almost 12 in the midnight already. Teehee! So we decided to head home. When we arrived in our house we were so happy because Cyler was still awake and waiting for us. I felt nothing but pure joy when I saw Cyler patiently waits for his Mommy and Daddy. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable day for us. My son, Cyler is truly the greatest gift that God has given to me and Cj. Nothing compares to the joy that Cyler is giving to us and no material thing can ever beat that.


Cj and I will forever be grateful and thankful for all the blessings that we are receiving from God. And we thank God because despite all the trials and circumstances, we always choose to live harmoniously. And we owe it unto Him.

You know what, I’m not aiming for a happy ending….because I’m really happy so I don’t want to end it. ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Celebrating Love!

  1. So I just went to work early so I can left the office as early as I can even though Iโ€™ve got bunch of things that needs to be finish. — It’s supposed to be: So I just went to work early so I can LEAVE the office… I love you but my English teacher alert really tingled on some of the sentences. :3 Sorry. Happy anniversary.

    • Thanks for correcting it! I really appreciate it, don’t worry. I really do. There’s no need to say sorry, dear. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least I know that you are actually reading every sentences of this post.

      Like what I said in my “about me”, I really am a terrible writer. Hihi

      Thanks for the greetings, btw!

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