It’s All About Cyler

Cj and I were talking last night and we were talking about Cyler. We were discussing how much Cyler has grown and how his character change from the time that he was born. Cliché as it may sound, but time really flies so fast 6 months from now and he will turn 3. Imagine?! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I’m pretty sure you know very well my son. Before, I was just sharing all his “first”– his first walk, his first word, his first soft meal, even his first bike, etc etc. And now I can see how much he change– he is full of character. He got some of his antics from me and some from his dad. The old saying is true enough “Kung anong puno, siyang bunga”.


Cyler at 6 months old

It’s been a while since I shared something about Cyler, so today our topic is all about Cyler. Pag chikahan natin ang bagets habang borlogs pa siya. Teehee! Bad mommy!

Cyler is an outgoing type of person and he love being surrounded with people. He’s not the type of kid who used to hide from other people. Nahihiya naman siya but he really loves the crowd. Like other kids, he is also so playful (and handful!). As in hindi mo mapapa-pirmi sa isang lugar yan once he started playing kaya naman dyan pumapasok ang mga gadgets. LOL! Yan lang ata nagpapa-pirmi sa kanya sa upuan.


Cyler and his cousin, Jodie

And did I mention that he loves giving his Mommy a heart-attack?! Yup, he and his Dad loves to play impetuous games and there are times when I become one of his victim like the photo below.  Boy oh boy!


But I love the fact that at this stage he is very clingy. Oh I wish that he will never outgrow this! He loves to get hugs and kisses from me and his Dad all the time. And he gets jealous whenever he see me and his Dad, Cj kissing or hugging each other. Nyahaha!


He is also maka-Daddy. They both love pissing me off especially during bedtime. Ang hirap ng only girl! LOL! But you know what, I still prefer to have another baby boy. I don’t know why, maybe I’m not used to having baby girl or maybe because all my siblings are girls (may isang binabae nga lang). Or maybe because low maintenance ang boys. I don’t think I can take it pag girl ang anak ko then may manliligaw na saknya. Uggggh! Just having the thought of it makes me want to have heart-attack!


And he looks so much more like his Dad now, noh? Hindi maikakailang mag-ama sila.

Spot the photo-bomber!

Spot the photo-bomber!

Anyway, going back to Cyler. He is soooooo silly like his Mom and Dad. Oh well, kanino pa ba magmamana noh? LOL! One time, I was giving Cyler a time-out, imbis na magalit ako natawa nalang ako because he was mimicking all the things that I was telling him and he was giving me this silly smile. Now how in the world is that?!


So ang ending nagtawanan nalang kami. LOL! But you know what, Cyler know how to obey already. Ung mga simple things like turning off/on the electric fan, locking the door, or uutusan mo syang kunin ung isang bagay. Mga ganun, nakaka-tuwa lang. 🙂


I bet you all know that Cyler is a certified bookworm. Before it was purely book but now he appreciates reading magazine and newspaper too. And he can read more words now! He can read sentences now as long as the words is not too complicated to read.



And the best of all– he’s a non picky-eater now! YAY! His food intake doubled after we weaned him from thumb-sucking (read full story here) although we were still feeding him most of the meal. He’s too lazy to hold the spoon and fork. Mommies, I need your advice! Can you tell me how will I start teaching Cyler to feed himself?


And his love for music never dies. Cyler loves to sing (and even dance!) a lot! I guess he got that talent from me. Naks! Pwera yabang ah, but I really loves to sing and dance hindi lang talaga halata. LOL! I’m actually a former member of our Church music ministry  and a former cheer dancer way back before. Feeling ko nangalawang na ung talent ko dahil hindi ko na nagagamit. Heehee

And he loves playing outdoor and he loves nature! Even a tiny grass or stone can make him happy. I love that he likes exploring nature that’s why I let him play even if he gets dirty. I guess, I’ve overcome my OC-ness already when it comes to Cyler. I know that he will learn a lot by allowing him to play (especially outdoor) and explore different things.  And true enough, he learn quickly by simply playing. Play really matters to our kids so don’t underestimate it– that’s one of the simple yet greatest lesson that I’ve learned so far as a parent.


And did you know that playing can actually prepare our kids to adulthood? Yep, that’s true! So let our kids be kids!

Before all he can do was to eat, sleep, and poop but now he can do whatever he wants to do. Cyler change a lot, I guess we all do, right? And I love the fact that as time goes by he is also building his own character. My only wish for him is to grow happy, contented, and God-fearing person because from that everything follows. I can’t promise that I’ll be a perfect and best Mom to him but I can assure him that I’ll be a good and  better Mom to him. 🙂

Happy weekend guys! 🙂


I’d like to say hi and thank you to one of my reader who emailed me just a few days ago, her name is Kemi and she lives in England and she asked me if me and my family are safe because she know that our country was affected and hit by the Typhoon Haiyan. Thank you, Kemi for all the concern and for the prayers. I really appreciate it, I really do. Thanks again!

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