Tong-Yang Shabu-Shabu and Barbeque Restaurant

Last weekend, we went to Tong Yang, Megmall and celebrated the birthday of Tita Nadine (Cj’s Aunt). The entire Montegrejo clan (Cj’s mother’s side) were all there to celebrate this wonderful day. It was my very first time to try Tong Yang  and in fairness it didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed this because I really love shabu-shabu. Cyler enjoyed his unli-rice and veggies too, well except this photo-op below. LOL!


Cyler with Tita Ethel. πŸ˜›

I actually read a nice review about Tong Yang before at Jerrelt‘s post and so from then I already know what to expect at this resto. It’s actually the cooking part that really excites me the most. I bet you guys know how I love to cook. Pero this one is parang lutu-lutuan level lang, pero I really enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


I was so overwhelmed with the unlimited shabu-shabu. Sa sobrang overwhelmed ko hindi ko na alam san ako mag-start kumuha. LOL!


They’ve got different varieties of dim-sum

IMG_1705and veggies.


As well as seafood and bbq’s (which is not included in the photo).


They also have different kinds of noodles and different bbq sauce too.


I was a bit disappointed nga lang with their desserts because of the choices. They only have four different kinds of fruits, ice-creams, and halo-halo. So I just indulge on their ice-creams instead. Anyway, it’s a shabu-shabu buffet resto diba hindi naman dessert buffet resto sabi nga ng asawa ko so I should stop ranting. May point si Cj, in fairness! Pointless nga lang. Teehee! πŸ˜›


And did I mention that it was a birthday treat?! Yep, lahat libre! Kaya pala ang sarap ng kain namin that time. HAHAHA! Iba talaga pag libre noh mas lalong malinamnam ung pagkain. LOL! Thanks to my uber thoughtful cousin-in-law, Jus for this birthday treat to Tita Nadine.

We occupied almost half of the resto sa dami namin that time. Kulang pa kami nyan! LOL!


That’s my brother inlaw, Francis and my sister-in-law, Ten-ten. And of course, my husband, Cj and my son, Cyler who is smiling without looking at the camera. His eyes were glued to his ipad at that time. This gadget is indeed my toddler’s boredom savior! Kung wala nyan baka hindi kami naka-kain ng maayos at baka naghabulan nalang kami that time. LOL!


Cyler enjoyed his veggies and yang-chow fried rice, oh and ice-cream too! I tasted most of the food because I didn’t eat rice, I guess that’s the secret when eating in any kind of buffet. If you want to taste every food in a buffet dapat less carbo kasi mabigat masyado sa tummy. And we love their spicy sate soup too! I also enjoyed eating the salmon belly and oyster. The entire family did enjoy a lot especially with the food since most of us our first-timer here.  The only downside of this resto is their poor service and their not so kid-friendly grilling table but overall we all enjoyed Tong Yang shabu-shabu. And we all had fun! πŸ™‚


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