End The Year With A Bang!


This year let’s make a promise to follow the resolutions you make and achieve what you truly desire in your life! Let’s forgive and forget, face this coming year with a delighted and grateful heart. Happy New Year everyone!

And let’s celebrate this New Year with a bang!


Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ 2013

Hi everyone! Belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year!! How was your Christmas eve?! Well, me and my family celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with a bang! Every Christmas eve is memorable and unforgettable because we used to celebrate His birth like it’s his first Birthday though I must admit that we’re kinda sad this year because Mommy (my lola) and Tito Aaron weren’t here to celebrate with us. But I couldn’t be any happier because I know for the fact that they are celebrating this wonderful day together with our Lord God in heaven, right?! So there’s no reason at all to be sad. 😉


Home-made red-velvet cake from yours truly! 🙂

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Holiday Greetings From The Ricaforts!

Hi everyone! Before you get busy preparing for Christmas please allow us to greet you a very Merry CHRISTmas!


Merry Merry CHRISTmas from our family to yours! May God continue to bless you and your family! And let us not forget the true and real meaning of Christmas. It’s not about giving or receiving gifts, it’s all about the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!! 🙂

-The Ricaforts

The Project Mom Book Launch

Fear. It’s one emotion that always crosses the mind of any woman on the brink of motherhood. Aside from the numerous concerns, there’s always the uncertainty of how to proceed with the intricacies of child rearing. Hoping to provide a friendly nudge in the right direction, local personalities and mothers, Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Elizalde co-authored the book, Project Mom.


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Company Christmas Party 2013

Hello guys! As promise here are the photos from our recent Company’s Christmas Party. Shout out to my officemate, Aaron (aka The Nerd) for all the fabulous photos. Gow’d job! Btw, the event was held at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati last 13th of December. It was indeed a night of wonderful and fun moments and I’d like to share those captured moments with y’all.

WARNING: This post is photo-heavy (at mauumay din kayo sa muka ko. Teehee!).


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The SM Kids’ Fashion Holiday Collection

Christmas means happenings and what better way to create the biggest one of all, than with the right outfits. Fret not Moms and Dads because SM Kids’ Fashion gives young girls and boys even more options to look their best, no matter the occasion. With themes ranging from crazy graphics to lots of sparkle and sporty get-ups, there’s a whole range of choices in store just for your kids!

 Black and White


Perfect for any occasion, this mix of eye-catching prints emphasizes sophisticated black and white tones for young boys and girls. From houndstooth minis to tribal-print dresses and striped trousers and jackets, the set works well for morning play dates or a grown-up dinner with Mom and Dad.

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Video Of The Day: Terrified by Melissa and Yours Truly

Warning: Before you watch this video clip, please promise me that you guys will still come back at my blog and that you still love me after watching this video clip. HAHAHAHA!

Don’t worry, everyone is allowed to throw cyber tomatoes though… Teehee!

O sya sige eto na! Enjoy watching and feel free to laugh! :p

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KMS Christmas Shopping at Divisoria

Today I am sharing my first Christmas shopping experience at Divisoria. I went there two weeks ago together with my MIL and my BIL, Kuya Francis. Actually, this was an impromptu trip and I don’t usually go to Divi during peak season because I know that the place is really crowded most especially during this Christmas season. Surprisingly, it’s not as crowded as I thought when we braved the shopping capital of the Philippines, Divisoria. Maybe because we went there during weekdays? I don’t know. It’s kinda weird but I was really surprised and happy because it was my first time to go Christmas shopping at Divi. We went there during lunch time and the place was surprisingly not crowded (as it should be) and the traffic was still tolerable.

I am not just sure if the situation these coming days are still the same because Christmas is fast approaching and Filipino loves cramming, right? Nevertheless, you still have time to go Christmas shopping coz there’s still 10 more days to go before Christmas.

Alright, so let’s move on now with my Christmas loots from Divi and I hope you get some Christmas shopping idea from it. I know you’ve been all waiting for this so here it is! 🙂


Christmas Cards for less than Php20 petot

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Weekend Kwentuhan!

Hello guys! Happy happy weekend! Wow! what happened to your weekdays?! Mine was pretty tiring as usual but it was awesome! This month is indeed the busiest month of year, isn’t it?! So many project deadlines that needs to be finish before the year-end and Sweet Treats By Mommy Sha got a bunch of Christmas orders too! Not just orders but bulk orders! Last Wednesday after a long, tiring, and stressful day at work I tried to go home early and baked 14 dozen cupcakes. Imagine?!


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Childrens Book Review: Discover English with Ben and Bella

From birth on, children are constantly learning. Like tiny scientist they listen and observe closely and experiment daily with the world around them. That’s the natural way of kids learning process. They are thirsty for new knowledge and enlessly curious and they acquire their language by being exposed to it- by hearing and mimicking it and by playing and living in it.


Discover English with Ben and Bella comes in different topics that our child would be most interested in: the farm, the zoo, the circus, transportation, going shopping, special day at the beach or at the picnic. We chosed the Going Places or trasportation set for Cyler because he is a sucker of anything with wheels.

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DC and Res|Toe|Run First Action-Inspired Kids Event: The Rumble Yard

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend?! Me and my boys had a blast last Saturday because we’ve attended the Rumble Yard event at Nuvali. It’s a kind of event that we shouldn’t miss because it’s for the entire family. You know that my weekends are just for my boys so when the Primer Group sent their invites last week, I didn’t think twice and I accepted it especially when I’ve heard that this event are meant for kids.


Skateboarding and action sports brand DC Shoes, together with one of the country’s leading footwear concept stores, Res|Toe|Run, team up for a first-ever action-inspired urban fair for kids, the Rumble Yard. And it was held at the Solenad 2 Activity Center in Nuvali last weekend, December 7-8. There’s no entrance free needed at this event and everyone were invited to come and join. Continue reading

Port 88: Ready, Set, Sale! Winners

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Today, I will reveal the 10 lucky KMS Readers that won the free entrance tickets at the Port 88: Ready, Set, Sale! Bazaar happening tomorrow, December 7 until Sunday December 8 at the new Megatent Events Place at Libis. So are you guys ready to do your Christmas shopping?!

If you’re ready just click continue to see the 10 Lucky KMS Readers that won the free entrance tickets! Woot! Woot!
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Cyler’s Trip at Museo Pambata

Howdy! As promise, here’s my post about our impromptu tour at Museong Pambata last Sunday. Cyler had a blast discovering and exploring this wonderful place. And glad to say that our buchukoy (aka Cyler) can already recognize most of the things/objects that we saw inside the museum, well except those old ones like the typewriter and abacus. But the old ones are the one that he really liked the most in the museum. Talk about nerd stuff you know. Oh he’s indeed a baby no more, right?!

Btw, Museo Pambata (Children’s Museum) is the Philippines first and only hands on discovery museum for children. And it is located at Ermita, Manila and it’s just beside the US embassy along Roxas Blvd.

Alright, I’ll stop talking now and let the photos do the talking instead. 🙂


Mga batang isip at Museong Pambata. 😛

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It’s Was A Busy And Lovely Weekend!

Hello there…… Bimby! Chos! How are you guys?! I’m on sick-leave today due to diarrhea….Oops TMI! Just being honest with you guys. Teehee! Effect ata ng diarrhea ang kabaliwan, so I therefore conclude parati akong may diarrhea. LOL! But despite of being sick I went to divi today! Nyahahaha! Thanks to loperamide! LOL! I’ll share my divi loots soon. So watch out for that! 😛

Anyway, moving on how’s your weekend guys?! Mine was kinda hectic because we were out the entire weekend. It was indeed tiring but full of fun because I spent it with this little boy whom I fondly called, butchukoy. 🙂


Hello there…. Bimby! LOL!

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