Cyler’s Trip at Museo Pambata

Howdy! As promise, here’s my post about our impromptu tour at Museong Pambata last Sunday. Cyler had a blast discovering and exploring this wonderful place. And glad to say that our buchukoy (aka Cyler) can already recognize most of the things/objects that we saw inside the museum, well except those old ones like the typewriter and abacus. But the old ones are the one that he really liked the most in the museum. Talk about nerd stuff you know. Oh he’s indeed a baby no more, right?!

Btw, Museo Pambata (Children’s Museum) is the Philippines first and only hands on discovery museum for children. And it is located at Ermita, Manila and it’s just beside the US embassy along Roxas Blvd.

Alright, I’ll stop talking now and let the photos do the talking instead. 🙂


Mga batang isip at Museong Pambata. 😛


Jeepney is the most popular means of transportation here in our country, Philippines.

Here’s one of my favorite photo of Cyler. It’s looks so classy and old-y but I love it because it takes me back from the past.


Cyler’s favorite spot in the museum

Look how busy he was with the typewriter. He didn’t even mind joining in the photo. KJ! 😛 


With Tita Irene and Mommy

And here’s another photo that proves how mesmerized he was with this kopong-kopong typewriter. It looks cute though! I bet not all kids will notice this old typewriter.


Tita Irene and Cyler while busy discussing the letters.

And this is how the ancestral houses in the Philippines looks like. It reminds me of our ancestral house in the province.


You can also see an old crib, table, and chairs made f rom Narra tree. Btw, Narra tree is the Phippine’s National tree.  It is a striking, large and strong shady kind of tree and it grows anywhere in the country. It is commonly use for making  furnitures like the one in this photo.


It looks creepy and scary at this part of the Museum but it’s beautiful because it brings so much historical memories.


Cyler said it’s a ship, an old ship it is.


 And this is the Barasoain Church (also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish) located at Malolos, Bulacan. This church was proclaimed as the National Shrine of the Philippines.


Mow-del lang ang peg!

Now here are the Philippines different flags now and then. The one in the center is our current flag.


The country’s first ever train.


We called this nipa-hut or bahay kubo. The Bahay Kubo is the native house of the Philippines and is also considered as national shelter.


Kung nag-enjoy ang bagets, nag-enjoy din ang mudrakels at pudrakels nya. 😛


See? Eto pa isa! Hindi naman ako sinabihan na wacky pala. LOL!


They also have a not-so-secret garden.




Cyler also enjoyed the indoor slide but later on he got scared because he realized how high is the slide. Nyahaha!


And he did enjoy running and hiding inside the museum. Oh boys!


Mom. I’m here!


And also, Cyler did enjoy playing the abacus! I told you my son is smart and….nerd! LOL! We tried to get him out from the abacus but he kept on coming back. Oh geez!


It was indeed a wonderful experience for the whole family. And it’s really nice to take a glimpse of our country’s historical memories every once in awhile. Kids nowadays are starting to forget our country’s precious history because of the gadgets and I think it’s really a great idea to bring our kids at the museum every now and then. Ang sarap lang sariwain(big word!) ng nakaraan noh? I guess we should do this more often. 🙂

So Moms and Dads, if you’re planning to bring your kids here at Museo Pambata you can check out their official site here:


4 thoughts on “Cyler’s Trip at Museo Pambata

  1. hello there! I was thinking of bringing my daughter to Museo Pambata for her 5th birthday. I saw several exhibits named on their website; Kalikasan, Old Manila, I love My Planet, Career Options, My Body Works, Pamilihang Bayan and Karapatan Hall. did you see these exhibits during your visit? I’m asking because i did not see them in your pictures so I was thinking if there is a schedule when these exhibits are actually open/accessible to the public. thanks so much and hoping for your feedback soon.

    • Hello Jhing! Well actually we weren’t able to see and visit the entire place. 1st floor lang yun naikot namin because my toddler was already sleepy and tired then that’s why we didn’t had a chance to check the entire museum. You can actually contact the Museum. I mentioned their website at the last part of this post. Thank you! Hope it helps. 🙂

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