Childrens Book Review: Discover English with Ben and Bella

From birth on, children are constantly learning. Like tiny scientist they listen and observe closely and experiment daily with the world around them. That’s the natural way of kids learning process. They are thirsty for new knowledge and enlessly curious and they acquire their language by being exposed to it- by hearing and mimicking it and by playing and living in it.


Discover English with Ben and Bella comes in different topics that our child would be most interested in: the farm, the zoo, the circus, transportation, going shopping, special day at the beach or at the picnic. We chosed the Going Places or trasportation set for Cyler because he is a sucker of anything with wheels.


Discover English with Ben and Bella teaches our kids to new ways of learning the English language. It has story book, Sticker Book, and DVD. The story book comes along with a video-book DVD too. The activities and lessons of Ben and Bella does not stop on books but it also has a DVD format, wherein every child could follow a story, or even teach them how to sing and dance, by seeing what is on the video. And it has a parent’s guide too!


The Early Learning Group, the creator of Discover English with Ben and Bella believe that learning is most successful when it is natural, not forced, and that a child’s second or third language can come almost as easily as the first. All Discover English with Ben and Bella products are based on immersive learning, the proven language-learning method that mimics the way that young children learn their mother tongue. This was developed for preschool and toddlers with the assistance of the German Institue of Immersive Learning (GIFIL) in Hamburg, their products aim to teach English naturally and playfully.

Here’s Cyler chillin’ while watching and enjoying the step by step dance step at the DVD. Oh and did I mention that he loves the music too? Yup, he loves the rhythm so much! He never get tired of watching it over and over again! I guess most kids always enjoy watching video over and over again, right Moms and Dads? And it’s the perfect boredom savior too! I can actually do some of my household chores while he’s watching this. 🙂


Through Ben the children are exposed to the sound of native American English, while Bella speaks with a British accent. Currently, my son, Cyler can speak with British accent and he also learned that by watching educational cartoons with characters that speak British accent. With Ben and Bella he can enjoy and learn more all at the same time! Isn’t that fun?! It is!

We tried the Sticker book yesterday and we finished it in just one sitting! That’s how he enjoyed it. He didn’t stop until he finished everything. It’s kinda addicting. It’s the perfect bonding for you and your kids as well. 🙂



Thank you so much, Bianca Aqunio, the School Marketing Coordinator of Phoenix Educational Systems Inc. for sending over these set of Ben and Bella for Cyler. He enjoyed reading the book, watching the videos, and doing the sticker book!

Discover English with Ben and Bella is an excellent gift idea for your kids, or nephew, or niece, or even to your inaanak especially this Holiday Season! This is something that they will truly enjoy. 🙂

For more info visit
or contact them at 470-87-75 or 411-22-75

2 thoughts on “Childrens Book Review: Discover English with Ben and Bella

  1. hi! i would like to know how do you find ben and bella? how long back have you taken it? i found this blog while googling for ben and bella review?

    a parent

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