Weekend Kwentuhan!

Hello guys! Happy happy weekend! Wow! what happened to your weekdays?! Mine was pretty tiring as usual but it was awesome! This month is indeed the busiest month of year, isn’t it?! So many project deadlines that needs to be finish before the year-end and Sweet Treats By Mommy Sha got a bunch of Christmas orders too! Not just orders but bulk orders! Last Wednesday after a long, tiring, and stressful day at work I tried to go home early and baked 14 dozen cupcakes. Imagine?!


I finished the whole thing at 2ish in the morning, good thing my husband was there to helped me wash the baking wares. He also did the cupcake toppers. Thanks Hon, for helping me!

I made this cupcakes for Christening and for Christmas gifts too.

Cj and I did the arrangement. Isn’t it nice?!

It feels like we were in a cupcake haven!

Happy to say that our client’s like it! Yay! The guests are also asking who baked the cupcakes because they all loved it! Pwera yabang at buhat ng sariling upuan ah! Our client is Cj’s former officemate at HP and he’s Cyler’s ninong too. Small world right?! 🙂

So we attended the reception too. Look at Cyler’s epic facial expression at this photo taken during the reception. We asked him to smile and he gave us this epic smile. Yung totoo anak, anong tawag sa smile na yan? :p


As expected Cyler enjoyed the photobooth. Teehee! Look at his adorable facial expression at the pictures!

He looks so serious at the first take since he couldn’t see his face at the monitor yet but once he sees it he started laughing, smiling, and giggling na!


Suki ang mag-ama sa Photobooth! Nyaha!


Happy Christening, Anica! May you grow with love and with God. 🙂


After the event, off we went to Trinoma to go Christmas Shopping. We brought Cyler at Timezone, one of he’s happy place! 🙂


We brought him at the outdoor garden too. And he enjoyed watching the dancing water! He was giggling all throughout the time!



And he even tried jumping into the water! Oh boys! They always give me heart-attack!

And did I mention that he also enjoyed goofing in front of the mirror?! Yes, I caught him making fun of his face in front of the mirror while we were inside the shop. Oh kids!


Oh I love spending my weekdays with my boys! It feels like weekend then.

I also attended our Christmas Party last night. It was held at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati. For me, one of the highlights of the night was our special number/performance because it was…epic! Hahaha! I haven’t sing in front of the crowd for such a long time so I was tremendously nervous with our performance.


But it was a dream come true to sing at Hard Rock Cafe! Next time Araneta or MOA Arena naman. LOL! I had fun even though deep inside of me I was having a nervous breakdown. NYAHAHAHAHAHA!

Here’s while we were performing at the stage. NKKKB at NKKLK! This is my first time to perform here and definitely the last. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you guys want to watch the video clip of our performance? But promise me na hindi nio ko itatakwil! HAHAHA!




Sorry for the banyo shot. I know ang bantot ng trip ko but I just wanted to share what I wore last night. Sayang I don’t have the close-up shot of my accessories but it is sooo nice and pretty! I swear! I’ll share the official photos when I get it. Okay?! 🙂


Btw, I was also given a token of appreciation last night as one of the Top Performer Of The Year. Yay! Super sulit lahat ng pagod, stress, at puyat sa work! Not to mention the eye bags! I was soooo overwhelmed because I’m not really expecting it. Thank you Lord for all the blessings! Iba ka talaga! You really surprise me when I least expect it. Super thank you, Lord! 🙂

So there! Happy happy weekend guys! Enjoy every bit of it. 🙂

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