KMS Christmas Shopping at Divisoria

Today I am sharing my first Christmas shopping experience at Divisoria. I went there two weeks ago together with my MIL and my BIL, Kuya Francis. Actually, this was an impromptu trip and I don’t usually go to Divi during peak season because I know that the place is really crowded most especially during this Christmas season. Surprisingly, it’s not as crowded as I thought when we braved the shopping capital of the Philippines, Divisoria. Maybe because we went there during weekdays? I don’t know. It’s kinda weird but I was really surprised and happy because it was my first time to go Christmas shopping at Divi. We went there during lunch time and the place was surprisingly not crowded (as it should be) and the traffic was still tolerable.

I am not just sure if the situation these coming days are still the same because Christmas is fast approaching and Filipino loves cramming, right? Nevertheless, you still have time to go Christmas shopping coz there’s still 10 more days to go before Christmas.

Alright, so let’s move on now with my Christmas loots from Divi and I hope you get some Christmas shopping idea from it. I know you’ve been all waiting for this so here it is! πŸ™‚


Christmas Cards for less than Php20 petot

I purchased these Christmas cards at some random street vendor.


Gift wraps Php3.00 each

I also purchased this gift wraps at the same vendor too. Namahalan ako sa 3 petot kaya nag try akong tawaran pa aba ayaw ni Koya! Choz! Ang kuripot lang noh? Tatlong piso nalang tinawaran pa. LOL!


12pcs pouch bags for only Php100

I purchased these pouch bags at 168 mall but I wasn’t able to jot down the stall number. Sorry! My bad! Don’t worry, marami naman dun nagkalat lang sa tabi-tabi. πŸ™‚


10pcs Notepads for Php100 petot

These notepads are from 168 Mall too. It’s a really nice gift for your friends. Listahan ng mga kautangan. Chos! πŸ˜›


Stamps Php40/ea

I love these stamps! I bet the kids will also love this. I purchased this at some random toy shop along Tabora street in Divi.


Php120 pack of 12

I’ll be using this as game prizes for the little boys this coming Christmas. Each pack has notepad, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and glue.Β  Ang sulit diba? Imagine it only cost Php10 petot each pack.


Php120 pack of 12

The barbie are for the little girls naman. It’s so cute and I want one for myself. I wonder how will my boss react if they see me using these barbie pen and notepad during the meeting. HAHAHA!


Random toys Php40/each

I bought these at the same store. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for the little guys. Cyler love the cars at muntik na nyang buksan! Hay naku anak, hindi yan para sayo! πŸ˜›


3 for Php100

I purchased these toys at a different toy shop but it is located at Tabora street too. It’s for my niece naman. I love the lutu-lutuan set when I was a kid.


Stress balls for Php120

These stress balls are perfect for my officemates since we’re always stress at work! LOL! Pwedeng pang-bato sa mga clients na mahirap kausap. Just kidding! *sabay peace sign*


12 pcs Bracelets for Php120

And last but never the least, my Christmas shopping list won’t be completed without buying anything…….kikay. I bought these at 168 mall too. Perfect for my kikay friends, isn’t it? And also, I was able to buy a curtain fabric, it cost Php80 per yard(120 width). If you’re looking for cheap but has a good quality curtain fabrics Ilaya street at Divisoria is the perfect go-to place.Β  Ilaya is indeed the fabric haven for all Domestic Goddess….like me!

Before I end this post here’s my 4 basic tips when going to Divi: (1) you must have the sense of direction if you’re planning to go to Divi kasi maliligaw ka talaga sa dami ng pasikot-sikot dun.Β  I’ve been there a number of times pero hindi ko pa rin ma-memorize yung lugar. Megaaaad!What’s wrong with my memory?! LOL! Sinisi pa ung memory noh?! So wag ninyo na kong tularan ah kasi wala talaga akong sense of direction pagdating sa Divisoria. HAHAHA! (2) Don’t be shy to haggle discounts. Tawad lang tawad hanggang sa maging FREE na yung item. Wahahaha! Joke lang guys kawawa naman ung nagtitinda. LOL! (3) Don’t buy candies at Divi. For me, it’s a big NO NO because we’re not sure where does it come from. Most especially ung mga ingredients na ginamit nila dun. Okay lang ung toys and other stuff kasi di naman yan nakaka-kain so safe pa yun. And lastly, set your budget. Pag andun na kasi kayo sa Divi parang gusto mong mag panic buying so it’s better to always set a budget. Glad to say that I didn’t go over budget! YAY! My budget then was 2k and surprisingly I spent only (drum roll please!)……less than 2k! Just imagine if I buy all these items at the mall. My goodness! Laking tipid diba? πŸ™‚

So there, I hope it gives you an idea on what to buy or where to go this Holiday season. Enjoy Christmas shopping and advance Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚

Mwuah! Mwuah! Tsup! Tsup! πŸ˜›


7 thoughts on “KMS Christmas Shopping at Divisoria

  1. wow. You braved divisoria on peak season (saludo ako sau) hahaha πŸ˜€ and i agree sa you must set a budget. Even when I’m at Baclaran, since everything ay mura, I tend to buy things na hindi naman needed. 😦

    and you have lots of nice goodies, mukhang maraming reregaluhan si Kikay Mommy Sha πŸ™‚

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