Video Of The Day: Terrified by Melissa and Yours Truly

Warning: Before you watch this video clip, please promise me that you guys will still come back at my blog and that you still love me after watching this video clip. HAHAHAHA!

Don’t worry, everyone is allowed to throw cyber tomatoes though… Teehee!

O sya sige eto na! Enjoy watching and feel free to laugh! :p

I’m so terrified and stiff! HAHAHAHA!

Parang nagpra-practice lang noh? Sa Hard Rock Cafe pa talaga kami nag-practice noh? Hahahaha! No but seriously, I really had fun singing (di ko lang sure ung audience) though deep inside of me I was having a total nervous breakdown, besides Hard Rock is Hard Rock diba? And it was such an honor to be able to sing here. Nalagpasan ko na ang videoke levelz! Yay! LOL!

Happy Monday guys! Sana di nasira ang araw nio after watching the video. LOL!

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