The Project Mom Book Launch

Fear. It’s one emotion that always crosses the mind of any woman on the brink of motherhood. Aside from the numerous concerns, there’s always the uncertainty of how to proceed with the intricacies of child rearing. Hoping to provide a friendly nudge in the right direction, local personalities and mothers, Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Elizalde co-authored the book, Project Mom.


Drawing on a hands-on approach to mothering, both Amanda and Bianca put their years of experience into the worthwhile undertaking. Inspired by the numerous questions they have received as well as their own experiences; both women endeavored to produce something that they believe is greatly needed. Tackling everything from pregnancy to baby’s first birthday, it eases the common anxieties moms encounter and sometimes stumble on.


My forever fitspiration and inspiration in motherhood, Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde (Photo grabbed from MomsterTeacher’s blog)

Bianca and Amanda are so  eager to share their knowledge and show that the joys of motherhood are more widespread than the anxieties.


The official book launch of The Project Mom happened last December 5, 2013 at FullyBooked, Bonifacio High Street. All of their friends and relatives were there to support these two inspiring women. This book will help all the mothers most espeically the mommies-to-be. It has the step-by-step guide to mommy-hood that really makes it less scary.




“Motherhood is one of the best things that will happen to you in your life. Don’t worry; you’ve got this Mama (with a little help from us on the way)! I see it as an innovative addition to the world of motherhood simply there is nothing like this book here or even abroad,” says Amanda.


And also, one of the highlights of the event was seeing and meeting some of my fellow mommy blogger friends at the event.  


Glaiza of Moomy Musings, Ging of Forty Weeks and then Some, Moi, Janice of The Roller Coaster Ride, and Dew of MomsterTeacher (Photo grabbed from MomsterTeacher’s blog)

Of course the night will not be completed without the mandatory solo photo. Teehee! Thanks Dew for this photo!


While everyone are busy chatting, me and Dew are also busy doing our photoshoot for our new book! Choz! 


Btw guys, Dew (the mom behind MomsterTeacher) and I are planning to write a book too so please support us! It will be soon available at… Booksale! Buy1 Take1 pa mga ate with free comics! So pili lang at bili na! HAHAHAHA! Uy joke lang ah baka maniwala kau. LOL!

Anyway going back to the topic, thanks a lot for having us and for giving these yummy cuppies!



This book is definitely a must have for every moms especially for new moms where you will get lots of parenting ideas– from giving birth to preparing your kids party!


It’s indeed the perfect Christmas gift to all your Mommy friends too! The Project Mom is available at all FullyBooked branches nationwide or visit  So get your copy now! 

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