Oh The Year That Was (2013)

Hello everyone! I know this blog has been put on hiatus for the past few weeks, sorry for the silence, I’m still on my Holiday vacation but I decided to give my full and entire time with my family. So I hope you understand that. But don’t worry because today I sneak out from my boys and decided to write a post! Partida pagoda coldwave lotion pa ang beauty ko today, kakatapos lang maglinis ng room namin and kakatapos lang mag-luto, of course yung pag-aalaga kay Cyler never-ending yan kaya I will not say na kakatapos ko lang din mag-alaga. LOL! Tumakas lang ako saglit kaya bobonggahin ko na ang chikahan natin guys, okay? So kapit lang kasi pang MMK tong comeback post ko! LOL!

As we all know, hindi masyadong naging maganda ang taon na’to para sa family ko. My Lola and my Tito both died early this year. Masakit…. sobra and until now naiiyak pa rin ako pag naiisip kong wala na sila (ayan tumutulo na sipon ko!). It’s really hard to accept the fact that they’re gone and that they will never ever come back anymore, but I have to accept it wholeheartedly kasi yun ang will ni God. Sometimes we don’t get it right away what God is trying to convey, pero darating yung time na maiintindihan din natin bakit ngyayare ang mga bagay-bagay sa buhay natin. And now I  understand why those things happened. I feel way better now.

Aside from that trial syempre hindi pa rin maiiwasan yung other problems like financial , health, emotional, etc etc.. I guess hindi ka tao kung wala kang problema na pinagda-daanan sa buhay. Kahit ang lamok at butiki nagkaka-problema…believe me. There’s no such thing as “perfect” life lahat tau dadaan sa pagsubok and depende yan satin kung pano natin ire-resolve. From all those circumstances I learned how to forgive and forget, I become a better person that I am before, and I learned how to appreciate the goodness of life despite of the bad times. Aaminin ko I came to the point when my faith is shaken but I’m grateful because we have a mighty God who is very understanding and forgiving. And I have a very supportive and loving husband who never leave me all throughout my darkest days.

Aside from my husband, it’s really my son who truly inspired me the most to become better and stay stronger for I know he needs me. I know I have said this a billion times, but please allow me to repeat it once again…. I’m blessed because God gave me the most wonderful blessing that any woman can ever have– a loving husband and a precious son of course none other than my unico hijo, Cyler. As long as I have these two men in my life, I’m good and I could not ask for more. I may not be the prettiest, sexiest, and richest girl in the world but I know that I’m still the luckiest and most blessed girl in the world for God gave me what I truly desired. I grew up in broken family so having a not-so-perfect but happy family is all I’ve ever dreamed of. I know I’ve been blessed since the first day I met Cj (through YM!) until the day I became a Mom to Cyler. I called it… Miracle. 🙂

Aside from being blessed with the gift of family, I am also been blessed with my career. Like what I’ve said before, all the puyat, eyebags, and pagod are paid off because I received an award for being one of the Top Performer Of The Year 2013. Eh kayo na mag sleep over sa office ewan ko nalang diba?! LOL!  Promotion nalang ang kulang! LOL! Lord, I am claiming it this year! HAHA! Syempre hihiling nalang ako totodohin ko na. Hindi nako magpapaka-plastik pa! 😛

And also, I thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful and true friends! REAL friends are hard to find that’s why I really treasure my friends. Thanks a lot my Viva Hotdogz friends, my Yummy Mommies friends, my college berks, the Baboy Gang, and my PLM friends for making my 2013 a crazy year for me! Alam ninyo naman na kung sino-sino kayo!

And aside from career, this blog has become a blessings to me also. Last year was the start of the peak of this blog and it’s all because of you… my dear readers. Thank you guys for your undying support and for the time you spend reading my post although madalas sakit sa ulo ung mga grammars ko. LOL! Sabi naman sa inio I’m not a good writer, in fact I’m a terrible writer but I assure you that all the words that I wrote here are comes deeply from my heart. Alam ninyo yan! Sana wag kayong mag-sawa at mahiyang i-correct ang mga grammar ko coz I highly appreciate that at least I know binabasa nio words by words tong mga entries ko (like this post!pang MMK ang haba!) But please be very gentle and kind with your words, ayoko sa lahat ung nagsasakitan. Diba ang sarap sa pakiramdam kung wala kang kina-iinisan so love, love, love nalng ika nga ni Kris Aquino. LOL! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for giving your precious time reading this blog despite the silence. I really appreciate it… super! Alam yan ng mga friends and ng asawa ko. Hindi ninyo alam kung gano ako kinikilig pag may nagpapa-picture sakin in public (tatlo na silang nagpa-picture! LOL!) at pag nakakatanggap ako ng mga makalaglag panty na emails from you guys. Again, thank you so much guys sa pagpapataba ng puso ko! Kung hindi dahil sa inio hindi magkaka-traffic ang blog na itech at kung walang blog traffic hindi tataas ang ranking ng KMS at walang raket, event, at advertorial post! Walang kita si muther! Chos!

Seriously, thank you so much from the bottom of my esophagus. I know the word thank you is not enough. Thank you for making my 2013 insane!

And of course special thanks to our Almighty God because despite all the trials and circumstances of life he never EVER leave me and my family alone, and He made me a better and stronger person that I am today.

I.Thank.You.  *Bow*


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