Lunch Date with Go! Jackie Go at Spiral

Last December, I had a sumptuous and very memorable lunch date at Spiral, Sofitel Hotel with THE one and only Jackie Go, the lifestyle blogger and fab mom behind the blog Go! Jackie Go. This lunch date has been postponed a number of times due to some circumstances (most of those circumstance are call for Mommy duties!) fortunately last month it has finally been push through. And it was indeed a lovely afternoon with one of my favorite blogger, Jackie. At first I was a bit shy but when we started having conversation I felt at ease. I must say that she’s very accommodating and easy to talk to. And she’s very pretty too! Gorgeous is an understatement. She’s indeed a one hot Momma! 🙂


Her beautiful daughter, Gabbie was also there and joined us in our lunch date. 🙂

And because of too much excitement we arrived a bit early at Sofitel Hotel so while waiting for Jackie we checked Sofitel’s amenities first. I tagged along Mama and Cyler with me then. Of course, what’s the best way to kill time?! Alam na!

Side-Kwento: I’ve been eyeing this Mango dress ever since I saw it at the Mango Rock It Up! Fashion Show  and I really waited for the Mango Fall/Winter Sale last month. And guess what?! I got it with 50% OFF! Hindi ko na inalis sa kamay ko when I saw it at the shop. LOL! I know it was meant for me and we’re meant to be! Chos!


Here’s Mama and the super kulit, Cyler who couldn’t sit still for even 3 seconds photo-op! Oh boys!


We fell in love with Sofitel’s Christmas decor! It’s soooo Chrismas-y! How I wish it’s always Christmas!


Cyler goofing in the camera! He really knows how to entertain his Mama. 🙂


When we walked beside the pool area suddenly Cyler wanted to jump into the water! My gulay! Good thing Mama was holding his hands so hindi sya nakatalon. Hay anak! NKKLK ka!


And while I’m  having lunch with Jackie, I left Mama and Cyler at this play area.


I really love their play area! It’s super clean and it’s air-conditioned too perfect for toddlers who sweats a lot like my son, Cyler. And take note, it’s not too expensive like other play areas! You only have to pay Php150/hour additional Php100 for the guardian especially if your child is two year’s old below like my son, Cyler. It;s super sulit kasi they’ve got so many activities for the kids.


Cyler enjoyed the music playing at the background while he was playing with the alphabets. He also enjoyed reading the books and playing with the colors too. Oh and the care-taker told me that they conduct different classes too. O diba super nice? I wish I could bring Cyler here more often.

Alright, let’s go back to our unforgettable Spiral buffet experience. I must say that Spiral is the best buffet that I’ve ever tried so far! I swear to God! Spiral is a restaurant like no other. The varieties of food and the food itself is really great. Here are some of the varieties of food that you can choose from.


In spiral the food is masterfully prepared right before your very eyes.






They also have seafoods which is not included in the photo, I forgot to take a picture of it because I got overwhelmed with the food selection. Sad to say that I have allergies at seafoods too, I know it sounds horrible. But I can eat shrimps naman as long as its fresh. I’ve tried Spiral’s cereal prawn though coz I can’t resist it and it looks so yummy! Glad to say that my allergies didn’t attack me so it only means that they used fresh prawns.

Unlike other buffet restaurants who serves same dishes the entire day, Sofitel used to change their menu selection for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. O diba bonggels?! The food varieties are not nakaka-umay too.

Here are Jackie and I’s favorite corner– the desserts! Yes, we both love sweets! That’s a confession of a  women with sweet tooth! Teehee!


OMG! It’s heaven! See those chocolates?! I love the white chocolate with pistachio!


Gummy candies for the bagets!


I felt like I went to sweets haven!





And they also had something very Filipino– puto bumbong and bibingka! I love their bibingka! So when you crave for Bibingka tell your husband to buy you Bibingka at Spiral! LOL!


Great food, good people, and never-ending chikahan with Jackie Go, what else can I ask for?! It was a lovely afternoon indeed. Thank you so much, Jackie and Gabbie for spending your afternoon with me. I really had a great time and I was super full!

Oh and thanks for the gift too! Cyler love the pencil colors and I love the shade of the lipstick! 🙂


See?! 😛



7 thoughts on “Lunch Date with Go! Jackie Go at Spiral

  1. Ginutom ako sa post mo, hehe! I’ve been to Spiral too and I agree with you when you said that theirs is probably the best (hotel) buffet in town! I like their breakfast buffet the most. Di nako nakakalunch at dinner pag yun ang kinain ko LOL!

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