What Kept Me Busy During The Holiday Break

What kept me busy during the Holidays?



Well, I’m busy decluttering my child’s mess. You know when you have kids'(especially tots!) at your house the mess is never-ending. As in dampot dito, dampot dun, linis dito, linis dun. Mga ganung levelz! Because toddler’s are good in making a….mess, agree Moms? I bet all parents or guardian can relate to me, that’s why I decided  to clean sweep everything– toys, cabinet, drawers, and most especially our uber messy room.


So during my Holiday vacation I decided to have a little room make-over. I bought new curtains, I purchased it at Divisoria (read here) and I also bought new bed sheets for our room. You know what?! I’m addicted to bed sheets! I really love bed sheets! As in! I love to sleep kasi and gusto ko maganda parati yung tutulugan ko. I’m very OC when it comes to bed. Cj knows na bawal siyang tumapak sa bed or even humiga hangga’t hindi pa sya nakakapag wash ng body nya, that’s how OC I am when it comes to our bed.


I love neutral colors because it’s looks very home-y and relaxing. I used to buy our bed sheets at SM Dept. Store, it ranges from Php250-Php400 petot only. O diba ang sulit na ang bongga pa! 😛

Now here’s the curtain that I purchased at Divi, actually ung fabric lang ung binili ko it cost around Php80/yard (120width) then pinatahi ko nalang. So naka customized yung size nya especially dun sa side ng window namin na may aircon. The fabric is really nice hindi sya madaling kapitan ng alikabok sabi ng mother-in-law ko and it’s a bit thick perfect if your room is air-conditioned too.


Then I also re-arranged Cyler’s toys and books. I bought that toy organizer a year ago at SM Dept. Store and it was on sale.


I used to put the books at the top shelf then puro toys na ung mga susunod na drawers. I intended to put the books on the top shelf so books muna yung iga-grab nya before he toys. We started doing this when Cyler loose his interest on his books and in fairness it really works to Cyler. I learned that technique from Cyler’s pedia, Doctor Vienne-Saulog. You can also do the same technique with your kids too.


Cyler has bunch of toys! Hindi pa yan lahat ng toys nya, he also have toys in our living room and he still have bunch of unopened toys. We make sure that all his toys are age appropriate that’s why we decided to keep some of his toys. We also have this what we called “Toy Rotation” (read here) where we randomly group his toys into different sets — he plays with one for a month or so, while the other set is kept out of his sight. After a few months we replace the toys with the new set. It depends kung madaling mag-sawa ung kids nio sa toys, in Cyler’s case nagkakaron na sya ng favoritism when it comes to toys. So yung mga favorite nyang toys ndi na muna namin nire-replace.


See?! Ang kwarto namin ay isang malaking…. PARKING LOT! *Bow*


So there, hopefully I can maintain the cleanliness of our room… so help me God. 😛


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