The Tale of MamaRazzi


Remember when I mentioned in my previous post that our camera was broken?

Little did I know it was user error only. Epic fail to the highest level! I was busy decluttering our cabinet when I decided to make butingting our camera and surprisingly it worked when I modified the settings. My goodness! User error lang pala! Kabado kasi tong asawa ko wag na daw namin galawin baka daw masira lalo. Kalurks! Nagdaan ang Christmas and New Year ng wala kaming matinong camera, we only used our phone camera the entire holiday. Meeeegaaad! And  I  also went to HK (read here) without a descent camera, hayayay! Anyway, at least it’s working now, right?! Thank God!

Me and Cj are not really into high-end camera we bought that DSLR to document Cyler’s milestones and our precious moment with our son. Thing is, at this stage Cyler doesn’t like having his photo taken. Gusto nya selfie shot lang at my phone-camera. Choosy pa ang bagets! Mana sa ina! Chos!

Gusto nya kasi nakikita nya ung face nya sa screen. But he knows that when I say “picture picture!” it means that he have to smile, pahirapan nga lang with dslr kasi gusto nya nakikita pa rin nya yung muka nya sa screen. So in short di nya trip magpa-picture sa camera, and he used to cover his face from the camera, Mamarazzi lang ang peg ko at feeling Hollywood starlet naman ang bagets. Kalurks! He’ll do anything and use anything just to cover his face.


BUT last Sunday night we discovered how to make him pose in front of the camera ,all we need to do is say the magic word and viola! He’s posing ala JLC in the camera! Can anyone guess what the magic word is?! Siret?!



BOOM! Gotcha! 😛

Kailangan talaga anak ganun?! Hay Kalurks!

How about you Moms and Dads, is your child camera shy too or not? Share it with me I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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