Cyler’s Impromptu Photoshoot with Mommy

These are the things that we do when we get bored. LOL!


Mother and son tandem!!

Mag-picturan sa loob ng kwarto! LOL!

At game na game naman ang bagets! HAHAHA!


Cyler was actually busy playing his blocks when I told him to pose. At first dedma…

Me: Baby picture picture! SMILE!

Cyler: ……?

NR as in dedmabels talaga.



But when I said the magic word (PA-POGI!). Anak ng tinapa! Ang bilis mag pose kaninaย  lang busy busy-han ang drama nya. LOL!


And just you wait…. dahil pinag-change outfitey ko pa! Game na game! Kalurks! LOL!

IMG_8024Cyler and his never-ending “PA-POGI” pose. *bow*

And this photo is what I liked the most. No wonder it got a number of likes in my personal FB account(no, I don’t have any FB page).


He IS sooooo handsome here! And he looks like a growup already…. sigh. Please don’t grow up too fast my baby!

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