A Weekend Story







Meet the birthday boy, Nash! Happy 1st Birthday!

I’m on leave today because Cyler is sick and I have dysmenorrhea naman. Cyler has fever since last night and he vomited too. Oh poor little bunny. Hay. He’s currently in the bedroom now and taking a power nap so I thought of sharing our lovely weekend to everyone before he wakes up. So while I still have time let’s make a quick weekend recap.

Yesterday, before he got sick we all had fun attending a birthday party.  I think by simply looking at the photos you can already guess how did we spent our weekend. Look how big Cyler is in the photos. Time really flies so fast noh? That’s why Cj and I just wanted to cherish all these precious moments with our son. Minsan lang siya magiging bata so why not make the most out of it, right? I know darating yung time that he’ll be opting to be on his own. BUT I don’t want to think of it muna I just want to make sure that my son is always happy.


Since he’s too young to join the games I decided to bring him outside. He enjoyed running and side-seeing outside while the Daddy is participating in the games.


He was having the time of his life when I gave him the go signal that it’s time to get back in the party and he gave me this Mommy-I-want-to-stay-here-please face. Ughhh! Now how in the world is that?! He really knows how to melt his Mommy’s heart.


Cuteness overload kahit naka-simangot! 😛

Btw, here’s our not-so-obvious family photo of the day. That’s my face, my toddler’s chubby hand, and the photo-bomber, Daddy. Teehee! O diba kumpleto! :p


After the party, off we went to Greenbelt to attend the Sunday mass. After attending the mass off we went to our happy place– Timezone! And we had the time of our life!



We really had an amazing time playing together at Timezone and you know what made us happier?! For the very first time we’ve got tons of tickets! Weeee! Cyler and Cj were both happy in our little achievement. I know for some people it may sound corny but believe when you do it as family bonding it feels like you won in a lottery after playing a game. And I’m so happy too because for the very first time Cyler enjoyed playing too. I guess I should consider that as a milestone, right?

It’s a happy happy weekend indeed! Now I can’t wait for the next weekend! I just hope and pray that Cyler gets better by that time.


7 thoughts on “A Weekend Story

  1. Awww, hope you and the little one are feeling much better now. Buti pa kayo, nakapag-lakwatsa nung weekend. This rainy weather made me so tamad to go out. 🙂

    • Thanks, Rose! Cyler has fever pa rin and its on and off. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, uso pa naman measles ngaun. Huhuhu

      It’s raining pala in Cebu ngaun? Dito it’s not raining naman pero mejo malamig.

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