Kikay Finds: The Face Shop WaterProof AutoLiner and Gel EyeLiner

What part of your body is your best asset? Mine is my eyes and nope! it’s not a self-proclaimed. Most people says that they love my eyes most especially when I don’t wear my eye-glasses and it get dolled up. They say that my eyes are so expressive (maybe because it’s big!). If some women can’t leave their house without their brows, well in my case I can’t leave the house without my eye liner!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am no beauty expert, all opinions expressed in this post are my honest opinions based on my personal experience.


I’m a sucker of fab eye-liner! I’m currently using two different eye-liners from The Face Shop and I’ve been using these ever since the world began. Chos! The first one is the WaterProof Autoliner and the second one is the Gel eyeliner both from my favorite cosmetic shop, The Face Shop. These two eyeliner’s are both waterproof, you can wear it even if you’re in the swimming pool too. Yup! You read it right. It’s proven and tested by yours truly. And it last longer compare to other eyeliner.

Here’s my before and after look after applying eyeliner.


See the difference?

The WaterProof AutoLiner is easier to remove compare to gel eyeliner. But the gel eyeliner last longer even after you stayed in the water or swimming pool for a few hours. On the other hand, the autoliner is easier to apply compare to gel eyeliners. The autoliner is good for beginners because it’s so easy to use. Para ka lang nagdra-drawing. Ganun ka-easy! And the good news is…….these eyeliners are not too expensive. The gel eyeliner cost around Php600++ petot while the autoliner cost less than Php600. And you can use it for a few months depends on the usage. My gel eyeliner last for about 6months while the autoliner last for about a month or so. Btw, the gel eyeliner may dry up quickly so don’t forget to seal the bottle tightly.

Bear in mind that eyeliners can create a more dramatic effect on your eyes and your overall look.

It can be elegant…


rock or sexy… (naks!)


or simply you. It depends on how you apply it.


For me, eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics that can give you a dramatic look without much time or effort. I love how it adds depth to my lashes and makes them appear thicker. And remember, the type of eyeliner you use is purely a personal choice; whether it’s a pencil, gel, powder, or liquid.  Use what suits you best. And make sure to apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so it will create a defined and solid line, this can be time-consuming process for beginners, but belive me the effect is sensational!

Bonus Kikay Tips: You can use either petroleum jelly, olive oil, or make up remover in removing eyeliners or make-up. I usually use petroleum jelly or olive oil; all you gotta do is put an ample amount of petroleum jelly or olive oil on a piece of cotton then gently rub it on your eyes or your face. Once remove, wash your face with soap (yes, I only use soap on my face!) and water. And that’s it! I highly recommended using olive oil (not the cooking oil ah!) because its rich in vitamins and minerals. I usually uses The Body Shop olive oil  because it’s super healthy for your skin.

So there! Remember, it’s never too late para magpa-beauty!

Please share your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!

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