A Weekend Story (Part Deux)







Howdy! How’s your weekend guys?! Hope y’all had a great time with your friends and family. Well, my family’s weekend was all about grocery errands, unpremeditated trip to our pedia, and a laid back kind of Sunday. We brought Cyler to his pedia last Saturday morning because his colds is associated with ceaseless coughing already and his vomiting too. I texted Docky and she prescribed medicines; asmalin broncho for the cough and disudrin for colds. She also told me to observe first and bring Cyler to her clinic if the fever recurs, the fever was gone however his cough got worst so we decided to bring Cyler to Doc Vienne last Saturday. She also told us that coughing during night can indicate asthma or an infection from a virus or bacteria. So she prescribed antibiotics to eliminate the mucus and bacteria. Doc Vienne also said that Mucus and milk intake are one of the culprits of vomitting for toddlers. So she suggested that we lessen Cyler’s milk intake most especially during bed time. Docky also mentioned that coughs are common for children and are worse at night because mucus from the sinuses drains down their throat and triggers a cough.

So far, Cyler is getting better now although wala pa rin syang ganang kumain. As in pahirapan syang pakainin to the max! Cyler lose weight so kailangan talaga nyang mag-gain uli ng bonggang-bongga. But Doc Vienne told us that most probably when Cyler gets better babalik na ulit ung appetite nya. Hopefully bumalik na agad-agad para makabawi sya.

So yesterday, I decided to prepare a healthy breakfast for Cyler. Pancakes with lotsa fruits for my sick baby boy. I also cooked a hearty veggie soup (it has brocoli, carrots, cream dory, and asparagus) all for Cyler. Happy to say that he ate a bowl of veggie soup! He also ate grapes and banana. He’s banned from using gadgets but since he’s sick we allowed him to used it once again. After playing, we took an afternoop nap together, this cold weather makes us want to stay in the bed all day long! I love the weather today! Sana parating ganito noh? So basically all we did last Sunday was to… eat..sleep…and play. Boy, was I happy! I SO love this kind of weekend- peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. That’s all we ever need!

How about you? How was your weekend?! 🙂

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