Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle Center At Sofitel Manila

Last month, when Jackie Go and I had a lunch date at Spiral we were given a gift certificates for a one session trial of Resolift and Ultralipo procedures at the Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle which is also located at Sofitel, Manila. Then just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try the Ultralipo procedures after pigging out during the Holidays because I guess that’s the best time to burn all the fats and calories I gained during Holidays, right?!


Disclaimer: All Photos grabbed from Veitura’s Official FB Page

Veitura Aesthetic Lifestyle offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures for those people who wants to look younger, slimmer, and healthier. Vie  is the French word for life and Tura  is the Latin word for natural. At VIETURA, they provide inspiration and offer a natural solution so that you can enjoy the best that life has to offer. All treatments are 100% natural and non-surgical because Veitura believes in holistic approach. They believe that any individual doesn’t necessarily need to undergo  surgery just to unleash their confidence.


They also offer nutritional and life coaching and assembled a highly-trained and experienced team of experts who will guide you through every step, every procedure. They will be your trusted companions in your journey towards discovering the real you. One  of the best thing that I love about Veitura? Every treatments are tailor-made for each individual.


Veitura has a three-step philosophy: MEASURE, MENTOR, and MONITOR. This means going superficial improvements by encouraging beneficial lifestyle changes, and carefully keeping watch on client’s progress or setbacks. In the end, you don’t just look better, but you feel and live better as well, and no just for the short-term, but for good.


Upon entering Veitura I was impressed at how the interior looks and at how cheerful and accommodating the staff are. The place is sooo inviting and relaxing, it’s like you just want to relax there all day long. The ambiance is like being in a hidden rainforest, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


And you know what’s good about their treatments? It will not consume so much of your time, in less than one hour the procedure is done! Not to mention that all  their attendants are certified nurses!


Before the procedure, you will be assess at the consultation room. I was assessed by their Nutritionist, Ms Agnes Tumaneng. She explained everything to me before they start the procedure. I tried the Ultralipo (Ultrasonic Cavitation), Ultralipo or Lipocavitation is a non-surgical body contouring treatment where a machine emits pulsating or continuous sound waves that targets stored fats under the skin. The fats are naturally eliminated by the body via their lymphatic system and will be eventually excreted in the urine. Cavitation is a type of technology that breakdown fat and create a well-shaped and firmer body. The treatments usually lasts for 30 mins per body part. They concentrated in my tummy since that’s my main concern. Btw, ultralipo is not advisable for people who have migraines or vertigo since it creates sound waves. But they offer other options too. 


True enough, my tummy feel lighter and firmer after the treatment. Goodbye bulge tummy and hello to sexier Mom-me! Charot! I guess having a bulge tummy is the number one body issue of most women especially Moms! For us, Moms it’s kinda hard to go back to our pre-pregnancy body but with the help of aesthetic cosmetic procedures it becomes a lot more easier! Ms Agnes recommended that it’s best to consult the health experts before undergoing any kind of treatment/procedures. And results are appreciated after 5 to 6 sessions (depends how much fats you need to lose); however, diet and exercise will hasten the result says Ms Agnes Tumaneng, the Vietura Nutritionist.

They also offer cellulite treatment, varicose veins treatment, other non-surgical body sculpting treatments, cosmetic dentistry, weight management, and many more. Achieve holistic beauty and wellness through non-invasive treatments and lifestyle coaching Veitura. They can help you in your journey to a healthier life.

Thank you Vietura for that wonderful experience of beautification! Can’t wait to try your resolift next! 🙂

For more info visit please visit their website:
For appointment please call 551 555 ext 1656, 1657, and 1658.

Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle Center
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City


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