A Weekend Story #3


Hello guys! How’s your weekend?! Our family’s weekend was incredible! Cyler has no more colds and cough now, isn’t it amazing?! It IS! God is good all the time, he’s back to being talkative and more active too. Yay! So I am more kalmado now, thank you so much Lord for healing my son! YOU are really the best! And special thanks to our very hands-on pedia, Dra. Vienne Saulog for being there for Cyler when he was sick because we were constantly communicating via text about Cyler’s progress. Malaking tulong talaga mga Mommies that you have a really good pedia who really cares about your child’s health. I am grateful to have our pedia! Thanks again, Docky!

Cyler was occupied by his new story book, dancing toy car, and stickers the entire weekend.


We bought this Disney Planes story book at National Bookstore last weekend because he went gaga over the characters when we watched the movie last Saturday morning. He’s inlove with planes now, as a matter of fact he memorized the character already to think kapapanood pa lang namin yesterday.

The Cast Of Planes

The Cast Of Planes

The book cost Php465, it includes different suction cup characters that your kids can use to create their own adventure by decorating each scene with characters. Cyler had so much fun reading and creating his own adventure in this book. I’d say it’s one of the coolest book he owned.

He also enjoyed decorating our cabinet with different stickers! See how happy and proud he was with hisย  errrrr…. work of art (?)!


Not only he enjoyed decorating the cabinet, he did enjoy decorating Mommy’s face too with lotsa stickers! Napag-kaisahan ako ng panganay (referring to ze Daddy) at bunso ko. Oh boys!


I’ve got the coolest eye-glasses on earth says Cyler!

Also, Cj, Cyler, and I had so much fun playing this toy car. Cyler got this dancing toy car last Christmas and I forgot who gave it to him. Uh-oh! Blame my mom-nesia! ๐Ÿ˜›


This toy car is super cool coz it has music and it’s dancing and spinning all at the same time. It’s one of the coolest toy car ever! Amazing– that’s how Cyler describes it. ๐Ÿ™‚


We did a lot of food trippin’ too! Remember when I mentioned in my previous post that Cyler lost some weight when he got sick? That’s the mainย  reason why he needs to eat a lot. This weekend he ate cake, fruits, rice, pasta, and chocolates too! Ewan ko nalang kung hindi pa bumalik ang timbang nya. But he’s kinda picky nowadays so there’s so much drama going on while feeding him. But nonetheless, we are still thankful because he eats more now unlike last week na puro milk lang ang gusto nya then sinusuka pa nya.

We also dropped by at DC, SM Annex to get Cyler’s new pair of skater shoes! These are the shoes that we got from the Rumble Yard event last Month, same pair kasi ung nabigay nila samin last month so I asked them to replace it with a new one. Sayang naman kasi diba? Finally after a month we got it already. Thank you so much DC!


Here are my boys inside the DC boutique doing what they’re good at…. making fun of themselves! I have the silliest boys on earth, isn’t it?! Can you guess who’s the pasimuno? No, not the Daddy… it’s the baby! Hay naku anak manang mana ka talaga sa pinag-manahan mo! ๐Ÿ˜›


Here’s Cyler rocking his new pair of skater shoes from DC Philippines!

Cyler 2014

Thanks again, DC for Cyler’s new kick! We all love it!


It was a blessed and happy weekend indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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