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If you’re one of my friends in Facebook I bet you’re wondering why I stop sharing my personal blog post in my account and why I only share advertorial post. It simply because I want to go back in old school blogging wherein avid/loyal readers will read your blog wholeheartedly without asking them to read it. I don’t know but it feels so wrong to share my posts in my personal FB account because it’s like I’m promoting my family’s life to everyone every time I share it in Facebook most especially if it’s a personal post. Facebook nowadays is all about promots. And I guess not everyone in FB likes what you are sharing to them, people nowadays tend to get tired of what they often see in their timeline. And it feels like your telling everyone “Hey! I have a new post! Read it! Read it! I need blog traffic!” and parang nawawala ung sense ng “REAL” blogging.

Disclaimer: The content of this post are based in my own opinion.

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Before I was so active sharing every post in my personal FB account but now I realized that not all people in social media specifically in Facebook cares about it (especially if they’re not an avid reader) and that if people wants to read my blog they will always comeback even without asking them to read it. I don’t share any of my post now unless it’s an advertisement or product review because it’s a must and I get paid for it. But when it comes to personal post, I just keep it here in my blog.  I’ve been doing these for more than three months now and in fairness, mas tumaas ang blog traffic. And I think it’s simply because real readers comeback even without asking/forcing them.

And I also realized that even though this blog doesn’t have any FB Page account it still attracts advertisers most especially real readers. And I must say, I did the right thing for this blog. This year, one of my goals for my blog is to write more personal post and document each and every moment with my son, Cyler because after all that’s my main reason why I’m blogging. And as much as possible, I’ll try not to use this blog to rant about things. Pagalitan ninyo ko pag nakita niong nagre-reklamo ako kasi it attracts negative vibes. I do believe that not because I’m a blogger may “K” na rin akong mag-reklamo ng mag-reklamo sa kahit na anong bagay. If I don’t like the product then I wont share it with my readers, as simply as that. Sometimes we don’t realize that when we judge we also block our ability to love and appreciate others. And somehow I realized that every words that comes from our mouth defines who we are. Ika nga ni Holly Becker “use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life”. Be an inspiration to others because success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life it’s all about what you inspire others to do. πŸ™‚

Have a happy and blessed week everyone!


10 thoughts on “In Blogging and Social Media

  1. Like you, I am also hesitant to post links to my personal blog posts on my personal FB account. But since blogging is a form of sharing after all, I do post links every now and then. But only reviews or features, not personal stories or such.

    • Yes, I do share reviews or features too because I get paid to do it and it’s a must.

      And I really think real readers will comeback no matter what. But still bloggers have different perspective when it comes to that. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. πŸ™‚

  2. Same here! I also don’t share my posts in fb. Parang napipilitan tuloy yung mga tao basahin. I also find that i like being more personal in my blog, whether in a positive or negative way. In fb, one tends to post only the good things, sometimes parang fake na.

    • I agree, nowadays when you post something in fb parang ang thinking ng tao (though not everybody) is parang too good to be true. Nawawala ung sense ng true meaning of blogging.

      ps: that is based from my own opinion. πŸ™‚

  3. Only my bestfriends from college know my blog URL and I prefer to keep it that way. Di nga alam ng officemates ko that I keep a blog eh. And you’re right, finding a loyal reader following is hard to come by these days so if they continuously visit your blog without being asked to do so that means they’re really interested in what you post.

  4. apir!! you know naman that is exactly what i feel kaya secret lang ang blog ko. and feeling ko, if I share my posts, magkakaroon ng karapatan yun mga FB contacts na mang okray. kase kung nahagilap nila thru other means, waley silang karapatan mag comment kase nakikibasa lang sila. ibang story if you ask people to read.
    i dont mind it when my contacts share their posts in FB, pero ako, di ko keribels.

  5. doing the same thing here…. πŸ™‚ i was on blog hiatus for so long that when i decided to come back last January i sat down first and rethink why exactly am i blogging….. i stopped linking my blog to my FB…. and decided to just make sure i get to document all our perfectly ordinary days… lalo pa ngayon naka double dose na ako ng anesthesia my memory’s not so good anymore and looking back at my thoughts and photos from old posts makes me smile and realize my kabaliwan and my family’s during those times, and that feels a lot better! πŸ™‚

    • Naku Charm oo nga naka 2 anesthesia kana! My goodness! Yung isa pa nga lang ang lakas maka-momnesia na I can’t imagine what more pag 2 beses na. Sana lang talaga ma-keep natin forever tong online diary natin so that when our kids are all grown ups they have something to read and will bring them back to their childhood memories. πŸ™‚

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