Timezone: Our Newest Happy Place!


I remember back when I was a small child going to an arcade was a luxury for me and my siblings kasi I used to lived in Antipolo way back then so by that time wala pang Mall na malapit samin not to mention na super bundok pa ang Antipolo before. Unlike today kulang nalang kada kanto tayuan na ng mall. Bundok pa rin naman ang Antipolo ngayon but it’s more civilized and super dami ng establishments.

Anyhoot, me and my two boys are certified mall rat. No, we are not shoppaholic we just love the feeling of being together at the Mall. Alam mo yun lakad lakad lang kayo then you’ll eat together, simple joys ika nga. But these past few weeks my boys are getting addicted at Timezone. They have this specific machine na gustong gusto nilang laruin. As in our trip to the mall is not complete without going to the arcade. So I’d say, Timezone is one of our newest happy place now.


Cyler will turn 3 in a few months time and I can say that I’m a Mom to a little boy now because he has his own preference na when it comes to things. He wants to do things on his own and sometimes he’s stubborn. Time flies really fast especially for us, parents. So I just want to enjoy this moment with him habang gusto nya pa kaming kalaro. I guess the saddest reality of life is that children usually outgrow their parents. Whether we like it not darating at darating yung panahon na yun. But eventually when they become a parent too they will realize those things and babalik pa rin sila satin. Okay, I’m over acting here so lets stop the drama! Going back to the topic…


Just look how serious….


…and happy he is every time we’re here. And he acts as if he knows how to play everything here.

And he used to check each and every machine and look at the other kids how they play it and then lalaruin na din nya afterwards.


PS. Please excuse my outfit, we went to the Gingersnap fashion show then kaya ganyan ang outfitey ng lola ninyo. Cocktail dress it is! LOL!

This one is our favorite and we used to play this together. Career kung career pag nilalaro namin ‘to!


We were shouting and jumping as if may totoo kaming kalaban.  But in reality it’s just a monitor filled with monsters. LOL!


Look how serious my boys are! They are so determined to win the game and when they win they feels like they won in a lottery! Oh boys! IMG_8328

I just love being a Mom to this little boy kasi ang dami kong nadi-discover and natutunan about boys. You know their attitude, their likes and dislikes, their preferences, and the list goes on and on.  And it’s all new to me because I never had a brother, technically I have one brother but she’s now a certified sisterakas. LOL! So the experience of having a boy is all new to me. And I just love it! In fact parang hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko pag nagkaron ako ng baby girl in the future. It sounds weird but that’s how I feel. I want another baby boy, challenging eh and ang  sarap maging only girl nila. LOL!

Nonetheless, Timezone is definitely one of our newest happy place now or should I say new tambayan? Hmmm…I wonder what’s next… can anyone guess it?!


7 thoughts on “Timezone: Our Newest Happy Place!

  1. ahahaha! i can so relate! the past 2 weekends, you can only locate Leo, Neo and me at Tom’s world naman. nakakaloka. we spent so much money kakalaro. our sons bring out the children in us, no?

  2. Timezone is our happy place too but my baby who’s also turning 3 loves the game wherein you shoot the ducklings with water guns if you know what I mean, or not. Great pics by the way Cyler is becoming very handsome 🙂

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