A Weekend Story #4 + Crazy Weekday


Hi everyone! How’s your week so far?! Mine is horrible…this week was a crazy week for me! As in nakaka-windang to the highest level! It’s insane! Ang daming NKKLK na mga revelation sa office today. Kung pwede ko lang i-chika sa inio. Hayayay! For sure maloloka din kayo! Anyway, para makalimutan ko ang problema (for the mean time) let me share something good muna para pangpa-good vibes. If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that weekends are the happiest days of my life.

Last Saturday, we attended Lucas’ (Cyler’s cousin) birthday party and we got those mini-figures toys (photo above). Of course, just like the other boys Cyler fell in love at these mini-figures too. In fact, he enjoyed pretend playing using these mini’s.


I had fun watching him playing and talking with the toys. Cyler is so imaginative nowadays, I guess it’s a sign that he’s a baby no more. Goshhh…… And yes, sa screen door talaga ang eksena. LOL! IMG_8850

At trip na trip na din ng bulilit na tumambay ngayon sa labas ng bahay and he loves wearing his pair of Native shoes kahit nasa bahay lang. I guess its because it’s super comfy to wear not to mention very fashionable pa! Plus it’s really bagay to him, diba? 🙂

75091_10202244160576904_1109577927_nHe also loves wearing Native shoes even inside the house with matching ID lace pa! LOL!

Thank you Res|Toe|Run for Cyler’s new pair of Native shoes! Favorite shoes na nya yan! 🙂


Aside from toys, one of his recent fascination is water-color! I was inspired by Abi’s blog post when I read her post about her kids’ painting activity. So last week I decided to buy a water-color and try it with Cyler. Good thing he enjoyed using it.


This was the first time he tried using water-color and he was so proud when he showed me his painting. And you know what’s the most NKKLK part?! Gusto nya naka-video sya habang nagpa-paint sya! Gustong gusto ng exposure manang mana lang! Chos!


And guess what?! Sa sobrang tindi ng imagination ng batang itech ginawa nyang basket ball ang orange! Hay kalurks! Poor orange!


 Hay sana weekend na…coz I cannot take this week anymore! I tell you why next time but for now I just want to leave everything unto the Lord. I know everything will be okay, I’m soooo tulero! Lord please give me a peaceful mind and guidance. That’s all I need right now.



4 thoughts on “A Weekend Story #4 + Crazy Weekday

  1. It’s a kid thing nga talaga siguro that if they have new shoes, kahit sa bahay suot-suot pa rin nila ito. Hehe! Ganyan din yung pamangkin ko nuon. Cyler’s really growing up na, but still a cutie nonetheless. 🙂

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