Lucas’ Yellow Themed Birthday Party


I love attending kiddie parties particularly birthday parties ’cause it brings out the child in me (I bet all parents can relate to this!). Last week we attended another birthday party it’s Cyler’s cousin, Lucas’ 3rd birthday party and it was held at Jollibee, Alabang. It was indeed a morning filled with so much fun activities for the kids and the kids at heart as well.

Lucas 3rd bday1

I so love the party details! Good job, cuz!

And for the very first time…. hindi kami late! Woohooo!Β  Achievement! LOL!

Anyhoot, meet the super poging birthday boy my nephew-slash-inaanak, Lucas Gabriel! Why is that they grow up so FAST?! Why?! Why?!

Lucas 3rd bday2

The birthday boy, Lucas!

Obviously, the themed of the party was “Yellow” coz it’s Lucas’ favorite color so the guests were asked to wear something that matches color yellow.Β  I’m pasaway coz I didn’t wear anything with yellow! Bad cheetah! πŸ˜›

Here’s what Cyler wore on his cousins’ party.

Lucas 3rd bday

White polo from H&M, Yellow Pants from SM Fashion Kids, Shoes from Native (Thanks again, Res Toe Run!)

Prior to the birthday party something unexpected happened then… nasiraan kami ng kotse! Uggh! Of all the things yun pa ang nasira, super kaduper wrong timing! Good thing may nasabayan pa kami papunta sa party ung cousin-in-law ko na medyo malapit lang din samin ung house. Hay! God is good all the time!

Here’s Cyler with his super cute cousin, Brielle! Off we went to Lucas’ Party! πŸ™‚


I don’t know what’s with the balloons but the kids loved it! They super kaduper loved it! That’s the first thing they noticed at the party venue.

Lucas 3rd bday3See?


Another thing that I love about kids party?! Of course, seeing the kids having fun, running around, and playing non-stop like there’s no tomorrow. I guess for some people it’s a total chaos but for me it’s fine. It’s totally fine as long as the kids are having fun and happy. Minsan lang sila magiging bata sa buong buhay nila, so let the kids be kids! And besides ang saya nila tingnan, diba?! Oh to be young and free!


That’s Adriana (Pepper’s daughter), Akira (Em’s daughter), and Lia (Mar’s daughter)

Aside from playing another thing that make the kiddos giddy (or sometimes grumpy!) is seeing the mascot. I don’t know but Cyler doesn’t like to see any mascots, he’s afraid of it and I reallyΒ  don’t know why. I also noticed that most of the toddlers at the same ages are afraid of the mascots too. Hopefully one day ma-overcome din ni Cyler ung fear nya sa mascots kasi cute naman si Jollibee in person, diba? Hihi


And of course, the kids most favorite part (in every birthday party) was blowing out the birthday cake candles! Everyone wants to blow out the candles and you’ll see every kids are so eager to blow out the candles, parang lahat sila may birthday! But they look sooo cute though!


And also one of the highlights of this party was having the privileged to be with my relatives and friends at the same time coz it only happens once in a blue moon, right?! Just having the thought of being with them makes me really excited and tremendously happy. And for me it’s the best feeling in the world coz you know you belong. πŸ™‚


Btw, here are my online-turned-offline friends, my fellow Mom blogger’s together with our chikiting patrols! Naku namiss ko sobra tong mga ‘to! I miss our endless chikahan mga mutherssss! And we missed you here Aimee, Ging, and Mommy Peachy! Playdate soon ha?!


From L-to-R: Earl of Glamma Momma, Maqui of Familia Kiki, Pepper of Days in a Wagon, Maggie of Mommy Maggie Musings, Faye of Chronicles of Maia, Mars of Planet Marsy, Em of Akira ang Everything Nice, and Dew of Momster Teacher

One of the greatest perks of blogging is having the opportunity to meet these wonderful and great people! Hay I love these ladies to bits! They’re all sweet, kind, thoughtful, and gorgeous not to mention yummy Mommies! LOL!

IMG_8795These photos were taken from my personal camera, the official photographer, Dom of Studio 2716 has a better shot of these group photos. As in way better, kasi nakatingin kami dun plus mas maganda ang resolution at pang pro! LOL! I’ll share some of his shot here in my blog so you guys can seeΒ  his marvelous works. πŸ™‚

Lucas 3rd bday4

Thanks again Ate Maggie, Lucas, and Kuya Mike for inviting us in this wonderful birthday party! We had so much FUN! Bitin! Cyler loves the mini-figures that he got from the party loots! Thanks a bunch! We love you!

11 thoughts on “Lucas’ Yellow Themed Birthday Party

  1. Alam mo while I was reading your post, Lucas stood beside me, saw Cyler’s photo and said, “Wow! Cyler!” Awww! Uy, thanks for coming din! πŸ™‚ We are so happy you came to the party! πŸ™‚ Families are forever πŸ˜‰

    • Wow! Really? He said that?! We should set a playdate for Cyler and Lucas soon! Hindi pa sila nakakapag larong mag pinsan, I’m pretty sure mas ma-enjoy na nila this time.

      Thanks again cuz for inviting us! We had so much fun! Bitin nga actually. LOL!

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