Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Rockstar


Don’t you just love the details of this birthday Party?!

I super kaduper loved every details in this party and it’s well organized too. And I guess it’s our family’s first time to attend a rock-star themed party and we loved it! We really enjoyed the party so well. My officemate, Mich (the birthday celebrant’s Mom) told me that they DIY-ed almost every thing in this party. Hands down for doing a great job, Muther Mich! The candy buffet was DIY too! It’s super nice noh? The candy buffet is my favorite. 🙂

And look at the details of the ceiling decor! Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it surprising? LOL! If you watched Kimchi’s movie for sure na-gets nio ung joke ko. LOL!


And I so love the cake coz it’s from the famous Estrel’s cake! Cake palang pang-celebrity na! The cake is very light and fluffy, it’s not the nakaka-umay kind of cake. And did I mention that they’re caramel frosting is to die for?! It IS! Its not too sweet and not too creamy, so pasado sya talaga sa taste ko! In fairness, this time around nag agree ang utak at tastebuds ko. LOL!


And you know what I love about this birthday party?! It’s not only for the kids, it’s for the kids at heart as well. There’s a happy hour for the adults after the party. Winner! I guess we enjoyed the happy hour the most. HAHA! And it’s my first time to attend this kind of party so it’s a one-of-a-kind experience for us. The daddies enjoyed the happy hour too because there are unlimited beers and there’s a live band performance too. This party really rocks! 🙂


The concept of the party was really nice noh? 🙂


Meet the handsome birthday boy, Cody! Belated Happy Birthday, Cody Bear! 🙂


Meet the birthday boy, Cody with her pretty Momma! 🙂

Btw, my officemate got me as her cupcake supplier and here’s what I made for this party.


From Yours Truly! :)

From Yours Truly! 🙂

Yes, I made the cake too! Though it’s only a styrofoam cake. It’s for design purpose lang kasi that’s why I used styro. But it was my first time to make a fondant cake. It was worth every puyat and muscle pain! Ang hirap mag knead! Kalurks! Hindi biro sumakit talaga mga muscles ko sa kamay at braso. But its super worth it because everyone loves it! YAY! I guess that’s the most important thing. 🙂

Here’s a closer look at the fondant cake:


And a closer look to the cupcakes. 🙂

Cody's 1st bday1

And can anyone guess what Cyler enjoyed the most at the party? Yes, it’s the BUBBLES who made him really happy! Oh simple joys! He enjoyed the bubbles a lot! As in A LOT! Feeling nya gumuho ang mundo nya nung pinatay na ung bubble’s machine. Oh kids! 🙂

Cody's 1st bday

Side Chika: The party was held at the club house so there’s a swimming pool that tempts the kids to dive into the water. Cyler attempted (not just 1, not just 2, but several times!) to jumped in the swimming pool, as in we had a hard time convincing him to get out of the pool. Just imagine the drama that we went through. Hay kalurks!


Nalingat lang ako sandali nakaupo na sya sa pool side and he was already dipping the tip of his shoes into the water. My gulay! He was so tempted talaga. Good thing na-convince namin sya. LOL!


So after all the drama I brought him at the nearby mini-garden instead, thank goodness nauto ko naman sya at sumama sakin. LOL!


Cyler and Mommy 🙂

Btw, here’s Cyler rockstar OOTD!


Rockstar shirt from Bench Kids, Jeans from Big and Small Co., Skater Shoes from DC

Thanks again, Mich, Paul, and Cody for inviting us on your rocking RockStar themed birthday party! We all had a blast! 🙂


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