Kara-Yokee Madness!

Have you ever heard the phone application called Yokee?! If you haven’t then download it now at the app store for you to find out. Simply type Yokee comma followed by your name space suking tindahan. LOL! Kidding aside. No but seriously, if you love singing (like my family!) but singing doesn’t like you this is the perfect app for yah, baby!


Promise, walang makakarinig sa kanta mo just make sure nakatago ka. LOL!

My two boys are enjoying this app together, dalawang gabi na ata akong di makatulog sa sobrang ingay enjoy nila. LOL! And can anyone guess what are they singing? They’re singing the Alphabet song and Let It Go over and over and over and over and over (to the nth time!) again! NKKLK! Sakit sa esophagus!


Cyler used to say “Here we go!” before they start singing. I swear it’s the cutest! Feeling nasa concert lang ang peg ng bagets. 🙂

But they look so cute though. I will never ever get tired of looking at this view. This is my kind of perfect view. 🙂


Oh precious and priceless Father-and-son moment. Sana ganyan sila ka-close forever. 🙂


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