KMS 2nd Blog Anniversary!


Before the day ends I’d like to say Happy 2nd Anniversary to my blog! YAY! Who would’ve thought na aabot pako ng 2yrs in blogging?! Of course, none other than… me, myself, and I. LOL! Love your own ika nga nila. WAHAHAHA! To be honest, I almost forgot that today is my blog’s 2nd anniversary kung hindi pa nag send ng notification si wordpress hindi ko pa malalaman. Hay kalurks! You know naman guys that I went low key in blogging because I want to focus more on my family especially during weekdays. And you know what?! While I’m writing this post may batang makulit who is lying in my arms (namimitig na kamay ko sa bigat ng ulo nya!LOL!) and watching every letters I type in this post. Hindi nya alam he’s the main reason why I started this blog. Blogging becomes my least priority now but I don’t feel any regret because I have you, my loyal reader who keeps on supporting me though I’m always missing.

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The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014


Last weekend, we attended the Ricafort family (on Cj’s side) reunion. The event was held at Nap and Rose Private Resort, Lucena. It was indeed a day filled with so much happy and unforgettable moments.  I was pregnant with Cyler  when they did the reunion 3 years ago, so technically it’s Cyler and my first time to attend this family event kaya naman I’m sooo excited about it. The location was really far but the 4hours travel was worth it, super-kaduper worth it.

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A Weekend Story #6


It’s been awhile since I brought my son, Cyler at the park so last weekend when we went to Makati and visited our friend we dropped by at Ayala Triangle first. Mababaw lang kaligayahan ng anak ko, makakita lang yan ng lupa at halaman (even damo!) masaya na yan. Cyler is an outgoing type of kid kaya walang mapaglagyan yung kaligayahan nya when we brought him at the park. Continue reading

That’s My Tambay!

Last week, I gave Cj a task and that task is to take a lot of photos of Cyler and his playmates while they’re playing outside the house because as I’ve said I wanted to document our son’s childhood memories. Yep, that includes his activity with his playmates, hindi kumpleto ang childhood memories if without your neighbor playmates, right?! And also para pag dumating yung time na nagtanong sya about his childhood at least I have something to share with him, diba? Minsan lang pati yan dadaan sa stage na yan kaya it’s better to document those moment. 🙂


Ang That’s My Tambay ng Caloocan City! LOL!

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Tips and Tricks For Surviving Toddler Haircuts


Hearing a loud crying kids and seeing a cranky and squirming toddlers is a typical scenario at most kiddie salons. It is very common for toddlers and young children to get hysterical during haircuts most especially if it’s their first time. Oftentimes, most parents especially the new ones have no idea why toddler haircuts can be such a miserable experience. Of course, going out of their comfort zone, having an unfamiliar and noisy environment, and getting cooed by strangers can be a traumatic experience for most kids. That natural fear may turn into phobia that’s why as a parent we have to show and teach our kids that haircuts are not scary at all.

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More Photos From Lucas’ Party By Studio 2716


We love Studio 2716! Remember our playdate photo-shoot with Dom of Studio 2716 (read here) last year? He captured so many great photos then that’s why I was a bit ecstatic when I’ve heard that he will cover my nephew, Lucas‘ birthday party last February 8 (read here).

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Life is a matter of choice

Hi everyone! I’m back! I know that this blog has been in hiatus for quite some time now, in as much as I want to write unfortunately I can’t due to some circumstances in life (big word, I know). These past few weeks has been a very busy, horrible, and craaaaaazy week for me! Pag may pinag dadaanan ka you can’t actually think of anything, right? Parang you just want to spend your time with your kids (if you have kids) or with your husband and forget all your problems. This blog take a back seat for the past weeks and I’m so sorry for that. If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that I’m dealing with some difficulties in the past few weeks. My problem is all about work but I guess today I’m ready to share it with y’all.


Image grabbed from Google

Disclaimer: Siguraduhin uminom muna kayo ng kape bago ninyo basahin ‘to kasi baka makatulog kayo sa haba. LOL!

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