Life is a matter of choice

Hi everyone! I’m back! I know that this blog has been in hiatus for quite some time now, in as much as I want to write unfortunately I can’t due to some circumstances in life (big word, I know). These past few weeks has been a very busy, horrible, and craaaaaazy week for me! Pag may pinag dadaanan ka you can’t actually think of anything, right? Parang you just want to spend your time with your kids (if you have kids) or with your husband and forget all your problems. This blog take a back seat for the past weeks and I’m so sorry for that. If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that I’m dealing with some difficulties in the past few weeks. My problem is all about work but I guess today I’m ready to share it with y’all.


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Disclaimer: Siguraduhin uminom muna kayo ng kape bago ninyo basahin ‘to kasi baka makatulog kayo sa haba. LOL!

Alright, wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa let’s start the kwento na mahaba-haba eto matagal kong inipon eh. LOL! Three weeks ago we had our company Town Hall Meeting at Manila Peninsula and we were all surprised (more of shocked actually) by the Management’s announcement. The shocking revelation was the IT support in Manila (which is our department) is about to close and there will be a company/business transition. They will close the department because they sell the IT department to a different IT company and we will be transferred to a different employer. It was really shocking and we were all stressed because they only gave us 1 damn week to decide whether to accept their offer or not. If we decline it the bright side is we can get our severance pay but if we will accept the offer we can’t  get the severance benefits (1.5 salary * year of service + other remaining Company benefits). I’ve been to this company for almost 4 years so I really had a hard time deciding. Of course I must consider so many factors if I will decline it. First, I need to find another job within 1 week if I will decline it. Yes, I can get my severance pay but it’s not enough since I still support my mom, my siblings studies, and my own family. That’s one of the toughest decision that I have to make. I really want to decline the offer because I’m afraid that it might happen again.

I’ve already talked to my Mom and to my husband, Cj, they both agreed and supported my decision. My mom said she’ll try to work again as a realty agent but of course depende pa yun if magkakaron agad siya ng buyer. Actually if it’s just me, Cj, and Cyler okay lang talaga na tumigil nako sa work but I can’t sacrifice my siblings future kasi sakin lang sila umaasa. I’d be very happy to become a stay-at-home Mom too (greatest dream ko nga yan eh!) but since I still support my Mom I don’t have the rights to stop working until all my siblings finish their studies and find a good job. So what I did was I tried to contact my friends and asked them if there are job openings in their office luckily meron so I updated my CV and passed it to them. In 1 week I had several interviews and exams and I’m just waiting for the final interview. So the deadline came and I declined the offer though deep inside of me I’m still confuse with my decision.

Last week, when Cj and I went to Greenbelt chapel we met Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin. I know it wasn’t by accident that we met this guy. Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin is a Catholic preacher, public speaker, and a book writer too. He is the author of the book “Laugh with God Today“.

Sa sobrang tuwa namin sa kanya napabili agad-agad kami ng book. LOL! At nagpa-book sign pa! LOL!

Sa sobrang tuwa namin sa kanya napabili agad-agad kami ng book. LOL! At nagpa-book sign pa! LOL!

Unlike other preacher/speaker there is no dull moment when listening to him. Hindi ka makakatulog sa pakikinig sa kanya bagkos ay tatawa ka ng tatawa hanggang sa maihi kana sa underwear mo. LOL! But seriously, I was enlightened after hearing God words from him. He reminded me that life is always a matter choice and that you have to be grateful despite of any circumstances in life. He also reminded me to always focus, madalas kasi pag nagkaka-problema tau nakakalimutan natin mag focus at maging open-minded. Madalas nagde-decide tayo bigla-bigla na at the end pinag sisihan natin. Super timing talaga yung message for me and it feels like God is talking to me and saying that this is His message for me.

So after hearing God’s word from Bro. Michael napaisip ako lalo if I made the right decision or nadala lang ako ng emotions and pangyayare. I must admit masyado akong nag-panic, natakot ako for my family’s future. Well, you can’t blame me gusto ko lang bigyan ng magandang future ang mga kapatid ko at syempre ang anak ko. To make the long story short, fast forward February 27 there is a big announcement in our department, the Management approved to give our retirement benefits even if we accept the offer. The Management also extended the acceptance deadline (until February 28) for those who declined the offer. I’ve also had a 1-on-1 talked with our company’s CEO of Asia Pacific and raised all my concerns with him before I finally accept the offer. Suddenly, everything was so clear to me inantay ko lang talaga ung guidance ni Lord. I guess it was really meant to happened. So I changed my mind and accepted the offer. And I think wala naman masama if I will give them a chance coz I can leave naman anytime I want at least I secured my job and my family is secured too, right?

Ngayon, I’m okay na. I feel so relief.  I’ve learned that we must have an attitude of gratitude despite of any circumstances. Be grateful with your problems and with your life no matter what. And bear in mind that life is a choice, the greater part of our misery is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. I’m so lucky to have a very understanding family. Thank you for bearing with me guys. And big thanks to our Lord God for guiding me all throughout my darkest days. I owe Him big time!

And before I end this post, I just want to share a little prayer that I’ve heard from Bro. Michael during his talk last February 26. This will surely enlightened your soul like what it did to me.

Today, I proclaim that I am God’s beloved
I am God’s servant
I am God’s Powerful champion
And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world in Jesus’ name.

2 thoughts on “Life is a matter of choice

  1. Aww! Glad to hear that you are feeling a lot better now Sha. I have been on the same situation before. I left my job of 3.5 years for this company only to find out they will close in four months! Kaloka 🙂 That time, I was thinking that this company ruined my career. I was so depressed. But then, God has plans and He will never let go of your hand. Looking back, comedy na lang siya sa life ko. Hahah. Good luck and God bless you 🙂

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