More Photos From Lucas’ Party By Studio 2716


We love Studio 2716! Remember our playdate photo-shoot with Dom of Studio 2716 (read here) last year? He captured so many great photos then that’s why I was a bit ecstatic when I’ve heard that he will cover my nephew, Lucas‘ birthday party last February 8 (read here).

Anyway, here are more great moments captured by Studio 2716!Β 

With my soul sisters, my fellow mom bloggers! They’re indeed my online-turned-offline friends. Oh the greatest perks of blogging!



Look up!


Look to your side!

And wacky! Parang kaming dalawa lang ata ni Ate Maggie ang naka-wacky dito?! Hmmm.. Anyare, muthers? πŸ˜›


Together with our kiddos! Picture perfect, right?! πŸ™‚


With my silly baby! πŸ™‚


With Maqui-bels and Aki boy!


Aren’t they gorgeous?! Naks! Syempre kasama ako dun! LOL! #BawalPumalagBlogKoTo


With my relatives– The Ricaforts! πŸ™‚


And Cyler who is having the time of his life. Puyat lang sumisigaw ang mga eyebags, anak? LOL!


Thanks again, Ate Maggie and Kuya Mike for inviting us! And thanks Studio 2716 for these wonderful photos! Iba ka talaga, Dom!

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