Tips and Tricks For Surviving Toddler Haircuts


Hearing a loud crying kids and seeing a cranky and squirming toddlers is a typical scenario at most kiddie salons. It is very common for toddlers and young children to get hysterical during haircuts most especially if it’s their first time. Oftentimes, most parents especially the new ones have no idea why toddler haircuts can be such a miserable experience. Of course, going out of their comfort zone, having an unfamiliar and noisy environment, and getting cooed by strangers can be a traumatic experience for most kids. That natural fear may turn into phobia that’s why as a parent we have to show and teach our kids that haircuts are not scary at all.

Because the worst part of his fear isn’t those looming scissors, but the panicky feeling of fear itself. If you force your toddler to sit through his fear, his fear will grow. That’s why I come up to these idea of sharing few of my proven-and-tested tips and tricks for surviving toddler haircut.

1. Choose/pick a child-friendly salons. In our case, Cuts for Tots is our go-to kiddie Salon for Cyler. Their hairdressers are expertly trained, they really know how to handle a squirming child. The salon is indeed kid-friendly. Their haircut is a bit pricey but believe me it’s worth every penny because the salon offer everything that a typical one can’t.

Cyler's 1st ever Haircut!

Cyler’s 1st ever Haircut at Cuts for Tots! Ang chubby ko dyan! LOL!

2. Condition your child, allow him play first at the play area (Cuts for Tots has play area inside the salon) and let him bring the toy(s) that he wanted to play while sitting at the barber’s chair. The more toys the better, remember that the novelty of the new toy may only last a few minutes (or even seconds) so its good to be prepared.


3. Make sure that your toddler is in a good mood and condition. Make sure they nap or they eat beforehand because if they’re not in a good mood this will only make things worse. It will only lead to emotional chaos and a traumatic experience for everyone involved.

4. Know what make’s him happy when all else fails. Bring on the bribes– candies, toys, gadgets, books, or something else your toddler just cannot live without. In my case, Cyler loves bubbles so much that he tend to forget the world. Good thing our favorite kiddie salon has bubbles (I told yah they have everything!). So bubbles to the rescue! 🙂


You can even ask your toddler to help you blow the bubbles too, from doing so you are actually helping them to sit still. 🙂


5. Any object can be use for distraction (wag lang scissors or any sharp objects) even the simple hairbrush may turn into a mighty-boredom-savior-hairbrush. Actually, mas bet pa nga yan ng mga bagets kesa sa mga toys coz they find it amusing.


6. Allowing your kids to watch their favorite cartoons while having their haircut will also do the trick. Cuts for Tots kiddie salon has tv and dvd player too.

7. Try having your child sit on your or your spouse’s lap. This will allow them to feel more secure and comfortable especially if they don’t want to sit in the barbers chair.

8. DIY Haircut. Though I haven’t tried this, some parents tells that it actually works to them. Sometimes being in their comfort zone will change everything.

9. Praise them. Telling them how good good of a job they’re doing really encourage your child to sit still from start to finish. This technique really works to my toddler, Cyler.

And finally we’re done with the haircut! Good job, Cyler! 🙂


10. Ease your child’s fear, for me this is the most important thing. Teach them that haircut is a fun activity to do and there’s nothing to be scared of. Bear in mind that the only haircut that will truly convince him that there’s nothing to be afraid of is the haircut that doesn’t scare him.

11. And last but never the least, reward your child for being brave during the haircut. And when I say reward it doesn’t always have to be material things, a little token of appreciation like an ice-cream treat or lollipop will do. Cj and I brought our toddler to his happy places, that’s our reward for Cyler. It cost us nothing since it’s all FREE! 🙂

Cyler 20145

Cyler likes playing outdoor so we simply brought him at the Mall’s outdoor garden and allow him to play like there’s no tomorrow. Muni-muni galore lang siya dyan hanggang mag-sawa.

Cyler 20144

We also brought Cyler at Timezone! Yup, that’s one of his happy places too! He enjoyed the FREE unli-shooting game c/o Johnsons&Baby! Almost 1hour ata kaming naglaro nito, sumuko na kami ni Cj siya go pa rin. Teehee!

Cyler 20146

Don’t you just love freebies?! 🙂

Cyler 20147

Or you can ask your kids what they want– it can be toys, books, or food just make sure that you won’t go over your budget. We brought Cyler in a toy shop, thank God he doesn’t like any toy! He just wanted to play with the colorful flooring. Laking pasalamat namin at wala pa sya sa bili-mo-ko-nito-bili-mo-ko-nun stage. Teehee! But no he’s not really into toys.

Cyler 20143

But if nothing you do enables your child to stay calm, don’t fret. His fear and anxiety will fade over time as he grow up. They just needed to learn and understand that haircut is not scary. Hopefully you got a thing or two from this post! 🙂

How about you, Moms and Dads? Any additional tips or tricks? Please share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks For Surviving Toddler Haircuts

  1. hahaha 😀 this post is so swak for Neo. tried all these tricks, Sha. these work only nung medyo baby baby pa si Neo. The rewards part, now medyo effective pa. the trick we did was pwersahan na lang. we just restrained him with all our might hahaha 😀

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