A Weekend Story #6


It’s been awhile since I brought my son, Cyler at the park so last weekend when we went to Makati and visited our friend we dropped by at Ayala Triangle first. Mababaw lang kaligayahan ng anak ko, makakita lang yan ng lupa at halaman (even damo!) masaya na yan. Cyler is an outgoing type of kid kaya walang mapaglagyan yung kaligayahan nya when we brought him at the park.


We were just running and playing around like we were the only people in the world. Hay! If only I could freeze that moment… I surely will.


Cyler was running towards me as he proudly say “Mommy, leaf!”. He was sooo happy when he showed me the leaf that he found at the park. Oh simple joys!


He doesn’t have any toy then just tree’s and pants but Cyler was tremendously happy! His joy and gladness are overflowing.

Ayala Triangle Weekend

I was just watching my son from a far when suddenly reality bit me.


 I realized how much he has grown and then suddenly I asked myself– am I giving my child enough quantity time? As a parent, it’s very important for us to give our kids quality time but what about the amount of time? Puro nalang ba weekend ang ibibigay natin sa kanila? I felt guilty about it because most of my time are spent at work, aminado naman ako dyan. In my profession parang bibihira ata ung umuuwi on time madalas OT sa trabaho pag sinwerte camping sa office.

So I told myself then  that I will give my son more time. Ayokong ma-feel nya na minsan nawala ako sa tabi nya. Time flies really fast, maaring ngayon kailangan pa ko ng anak ko pero darating at darating pa rin ung panahon na he’ll opted to be on his own. Kaya I promise myself that I’ll spend more time with him, I’ll try to go at the office earlier than the usual so I can go home early.  So far nagagawa ko naman pumasok ng maaga, thing is… madalas na-stranded ako sa train station (blame our poor MRT and LRT facilities!)so there are times na tulog na si Cyler pag-uwi ko. Now that’s another story. Hay!


But I’m happy to see how joyful he is whenever we’re together.


This is the kind of moment that I won’t trade for anything!


We also enjoyed our little impromptu picnic, Cj just bought some food at Mcdonalds and we’re all good! We ate fries and burger, yes weekend is cheat day for us! 🙂


Cyler also found a new friend! The little boy shared his toy with Cyler. I guess this is one of the highlights of our afternoon aside from our cheesy moments. 🙂


And I just wanted to share this photo of mine (Surprisingly, this photo got a number of likes in my FB account!#JustSharing). They say when you’re happy with your life it really comes out, I guess that’s true. Suffice to say, I’m happy and blessed to be a blessing! 🙂


Thank you, Lord for that wonderful day with my family! Remember, quantity and quality time are important factors when raising a family especially if you have kids. Our priority should always be– God, family, career (if you’re a working parent like me). If your priority change then you must check yourself coz there must be something wrong with you.

4 thoughts on “A Weekend Story #6

  1. I feel the same way too about not spending enough time with my kids. Even more now that there’s two of them waiting for me at home. Hay. The things we working moms have to go through noh? At relate na relate ako sa pagiging stranded dahil sa lintek na MRT na yan haha. By the way, love your shoes! 🙂

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