Cyler’s Trip At the Dentist


Two weeks ago, I scheduled Cyler for a dental appointment. We prayed na sana makipag-cooperate ang bagets this time…unfortunately he’s not ready yet. The dentist explain to me and Cj why most toddlers are afraid of the dentist.


To be honest, it never came across my mind that going to the dentist is a scary thing. I love going to the dentist and having my teeth check back when I was a kid, my Tita kasi is a dentist so every time I go to her clinic she has something for me. And I am always exposed to her clinic that’s why medyo nasanay din ako. I can still remember then na ang kapalit ng ngipin na bubunutin sakin ay ice cream or 5 pesos. By that time andami mo ng mabibili sa limang piso, actually pang picnic na nga namin yun magkakapatid eh. Masaya nako that time that’s why I never realized that going to a dentist would be a battle for my son.


This was his 2nd time to go on a dental checkup, the first time we brought him to a dental clinic was when he turned two last year however he didn’t coöperate too.  The dentist was able to check his teeth but when the dentist started cleaning his teeth that’s the time when he started crying and wailing. In as much as we want to have his teeth clean the dentists doesn’t want him to get traumatized too. So hindi na nya tinuloy yung cleaning ng teeth ni Cyler. The dentist told us that Cyler must be expose and familiar first with the procedures  for him to overcome his fear. It’s better daw if nakikita ng bagets na nililinisan din kami ng teeth para mas maging comfortable na sya when it’s his turn. Lahat ng technique and all nagawa na namin just to restrain him unfortunately nothings worked so the dentist stopped from cleaning his teeth.


I guess going to a dental clinic and hearing those machine can be a strange thing for any toddler and it really scares them. Cyler is afraid because he was never exposed to this unlike haircut that he used to have every quarter. Since the dentist wasn’t able to clean Cyler’s teeth she suggested the following on how to protect our child’s oral health.

  • Brush your toddler’s teeth three times a day and used a toothpaste that especially made for toddlers. I used Aquafresh for Cyler’s teeth, it was recommended by our pedia, Doc Vienne and our previous pedia Dentist.
  • If your toddler is still drinking milk during bedtime and in between (like Cyler) make sure to give him water after drinking milk. Any  liquids that contains sugar cling to baby’s teeth and feeding bacteria can trigger tooth decay.
  • Your child should see a dentist right after his first birthday. I’m so guilty about this, feeling ko kasi Cyler is too young para dalhin sya agad sa dentist that’s why we didn’t bring him before. Most of the dentist suggest that this is the perfect time to start exposing our child to the dentist so they’ll get used to it.
  • You can also use a cotton or lampin to clean your toddler’s teeth while they’re sleeping. Just soak a portion of cotton or lampin to the water, wrap it to your finger, and rub your toddler’s teeth or infants gum (if they don’t have teeth yet).
  • Visit the dentist more often. Children should have an oral health assessment by the time they’re two years old. This lets your child get to know the dentist. It also gives you and your dentist a chance to talk about your child’s needs and plan how often your child should have her teeth checked.
  • The dentist also told us that the teeth spacing indicates the positions of your child’s permanent teeth. I told her kasi that Cyler’s teeth are a bit hiwa-hiwalay and she said that it’s normal.
  • Expose him more to dental procedures. Bring your kids with you if you’re having a dental appointment, allowing them to see you sitting on the dental chair will eventually lessen their fears and encourage them to do so. It will also open their minds.

These are the basic things we should do to protect our child’s oral health. Madalas kasi na-ignore natin yan kasi ang dahilan natin hindi pa naman permanent teeth yan. Remember, early preventive care saves money in the long run. I hope our next trip to the dentist will be a successful one!


After the Checkup

How about you Moms and Dads? Any additional tip about our child’s oral health care?


4 thoughts on “Cyler’s Trip At the Dentist

    • We just need to expose them more often at the dental clinic. It doesn’t necessarily mean na dapat may checkup sila para lang makita nila na it’s okay to have their teeth check with the Dentist, just like other people. 🙂

    • You should bring him one of these days, kahit dalhin mo lang sya para makita nya what does a dental clinic looks like and kung anong ginagawa dun. So he’ll get used to it. 🙂

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