A Weekend Story #7: Cyler Goes To QC Memorial Circle


Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA for the past few days, I’m just busy spending my free time with my boys. Sa totoo lang ngayon ko lang naalala that I still have a blog that I have to maintain. That’s why tonight I decided to write at least 2 blog post, achievement na yan mga ateng kaya please congratulate me. LOL! We just returned yesterday from our trip to Lucena, we attended a family reunion. It was Cyler and my first time to attend it and it was awesome! We all had a great time, the food and place was superb. Anyhoo, I’ll continue my kwento in a separate post. Excited nako to share it to you guys! Going back to my topic, yesterday when we got back from our short trip we watched Cj’s basketball game at Quezon City Memorial Circle. It was my 2nd time to go there and Cyler’s first time.


 After the game off we went at the play ground. The place was really jam-packed when we arrived but Cyler still enjoyed playing. It was scorching hot too pero keribels lang.

The kids were playing like there’s no tomorrow! Can you spot Cyler in that photo?! 🙂

QC Memorial Circle1

Cyler had so much fun playing with the other kids… hindi naman obvious masyado noh?! Anak, may bukas pa maghunus dili ka!


Hindi naman halatang ligayang-ligaya ang bagets noh? 😛


He was jumping and shouting with so much joy! I actually had fun watching him.


The other kids were super nice to Cyler coz they know that Cyler is still a little…errrrr… baby boy (?).


He was so giddy and energetic the entire time, parang hindi napagod sa 4hrs travel namin plus puyat pa sya ng lagay na yan. Masama palang napapagod at napupuyat tong batang ‘to noh? Hehe

QC Memorial Circle

He definitely had a blast that he cried when we told him that it’s time to go home. He was crying and he kept on saying “No! Not yet, Mommy. Please!” but we insisted because it’s a bit late already and it’s starting to get dark. He doesn’t even want to ride in the car, oh poor little boy! So we promised him that we’re going back again next week. Before we got into the car I saw a cotton candy vendor and bought a pack of cotton candy for Cyler. I tried to pacify him with cotton candy, in fairness it worked. Surprisingly he liked the cotton candy, he tasted it before but he didn’t like it.

Anak, paki-explain ang tawag sa pose na yan.

Feel at home na feel at home lang anak?! 😛

So now he’s looking forward for the next weekend. And yeah, I have to keep my promise! The only downside about QC Memorial Circle is the garbage coz it’s everywhere. They shouldn’t allow people to eat in the playground kasi andaming naka-kalat na empty soda bottle which is dangerous for kids especially pag nabasag. So sana maging strict sila about that para sa safety ng mga kids.

If you’re planning to bring your kids here make sure that you keep an eye on them because the place is really crowded. And don’t forget to wash/clean their body most especially their hands after playing! Remember, safety first! 🙂

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