The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014


Last weekend, we attended the Ricafort family (on Cj’s side) reunion. The event was held at Nap and Rose Private Resort, Lucena. It was indeed a day filled with so much happy and unforgettable moments.  I was pregnant with Cyler  when they did the reunion 3 years ago, so technically it’s Cyler and my first time to attend this family event kaya naman I’m sooo excited about it. The location was really far but the 4hours travel was worth it, super-kaduper worth it.


I actually love the venue coz it’s perfect for family gatherings. It has one huge swimming pool, play ground, function room (like the one in the photo above), rooms  with separate bathroom  (though it was really small!),  and not to mention the superb food that they served. Ang sarap talaga ng food sa province, maybe because super fresh ng mga ingredients nila or it’s just that people in provinces are really good cooks, noh? Anyhoo, basta ang sarap ng food! We had buffet from lunch to merienda to dinner and all the way to breakfast. Ay promise ang sarap ng food! We all loved the food! Super! I feel bloated na nga the entire day kaka-lafang. LOL!

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20141

This reunion was really organized– from the venue to food and to the event itself. Special thanks to Ate Bubut, Lola Magno and family for organizing this reunion! Actually sa dami ng kamag-anak namin di ko matandaan lahat ng pangalan nila. I swear! They prepared tons of games and prizes for each and everyone kaya naman walang umuwing luhaan. 🙂

Ricafort Clan Reunion 201412

We had this game about family history and naloka ako sa game na’to kasi super kanunu-nunuan ang mga question! Good thing we had Daddy (my FIL) and Ate Merly (my CIL) so nakasagot naman kami kahit papano. LOL! But we super enjoyed this game kasi the team was group by family so it was sort of a team building too. Ang saya! Super!


The kids also enjoyed outdoor play most especially Cyler coz it was his first time to try seesaw.

Ricafort Clan Reunion 2014

Sa sobrang enjoy nya ayaw na nyang umalis sa pagkaka upo nya dyan. As in! Kalokang bata ire! He also enjoyed the slide, the swing, and playing with his cousins. But the seesaw was his favorite, oh well I guess that’s pretty obvious. 🙂

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20143

We also had live band that serenades us all throughout the day! Everyone showcased their talents in singing and dancing. The kids and kids at heart participated very well. Oh and they also rent an ice-cream vendor which the kids enjoyed the most… I actually enjoyed the ice cream a lot! I love ice-cream! 😛

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20142

And we also had hampas-palayok or piñata, this game is not only for the kids but for the “thunders” as well! Mas mataas pa nga energy nila kesa sa mga bagets. Mukang mga nag-flanax. LOL!

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20144

It was so funny coz when Cyler saw the pool he wanted to jump right away! Good thing Cj was holding his hand so hindi natuloy ang kanyang maitim na balak. LOL!

IMG_9255But he kept on telling me “Mommy, swim! Mommy, swim! Please!” and because we didn’t allow him to swim right away he felt so sad. In that photo below bad mood na sya nyan. Heehee


Going back to the party, ubusan ng energy ang reunion na itech coz it was a whole day event. They also prepared a program during night time. At 6pm we had mass then dinner then party again! Before the mass nag swimming na ang mag-ama hindi na nakatiis. HAHAHA! The pool was freezing cold but the cold never bother them anyway (insert “Let it Go”)! 😛

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20145

I’ll continue my kwento on my next post bibitin ko muna kayo ah! Teehee! Sorry I’m super kaduper sleepy na and it’s almost 1AM already. So stay tuned for the part 2 of The Ricafort Family Reunion! More eggciting kwento on my next post! 😛


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