KMS 2nd Blog Anniversary!


Before the day ends I’d like to say Happy 2nd Anniversary to my blog! YAY! Who would’ve thought na aabot pako ng 2yrs in blogging?! Of course, none other than… me, myself, and I. LOL! Love your own ika nga nila. WAHAHAHA! To be honest, I almost forgot that today is my blog’s 2nd anniversary kung hindi pa nag send ng notification si wordpress hindi ko pa malalaman. Hay kalurks! You know naman guys that I went low key in blogging because I want to focus more on my family especially during weekdays. And you know what?! While I’m writing this post may batang makulit who is lying in my arms (namimitig na kamay ko sa bigat ng ulo nya!LOL!) and watching every letters I type in this post. Hindi nya alam he’s the main reason why I started this blog. Blogging becomes my least priority now but I don’t feel any regret because I have you, my loyal reader who keeps on supporting me though I’m always missing.

Bakit nga ba ko umabot ng 2 taon?! Well it’s because of you my dear readers! And of course because of my family too, without them I have nothing to share with you. From the bottom of my heart I’d just like to say thank you for continuous patronage (parang TV lang noh?) and for you undying love to me and my family. Every month I always get an email from a random reader and I want all of you to know that I really appreciate all your kind words.  You don’t know how much it means to me. Even my husband, Cj feels overwhelmed everytime I make kwento about you guys. Nung una hindi sya naniniwalang may nagbabasa nitong blog ko (yep! may pagka-impaktito din ang asawa ko!) pero when I started making kwento about the emails that I used to receive every month from a random blog reader naniwala na rin siya at nalaman nyang hindi ko lang imagination yun. LOL! Impakto talaga eh noh?! Hahaha! Anyway, ganyan talaga sya mag lambing sakin. Ang sweet noh?! 😛

And speaking of Cj, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for his undying love and commitment to our family. Hindi ninyo po naitatanong my husband is a very hands on Dad to our son, Cyler. His willing to give the world for our unico hijo and for me. Lahat ng pagtitiis sa buhay gagawin nyan mataguyod nya lang ang pamilya namin. Kaya naman if not because of Cj I won’t be the better person that I am today (and a happy wife too!). May kasabihan nga tau a happy wife makes a happy home! Kaya mga Daddy/spouse dyan love your wife just like the day when you’re still courting them. I swear! It really makes a different. And it will make your relationship stronger and happier especially if you have kids already. Juggling your time and effort is no joke especially if there’s a kid involve kaya naman I’m still thankful kasi di pa rin ako nakakalimutan ni Cj (subukan lang nya! Hmp! :p).

And to our first born (as if may bunso!LOL!), Cyler thanks for the endless joy you bring to us! Thank you for always reminding us that we are beyond blessed because we have you in your life. And thanks for teaching me and your Daddy how to become a better person everyday. We love you so much, anak! Be good always and may you grow in love and with God. I wish you all the happiness in the world and may you face the world with hope and courage.

And of course to our loving Father in heaven, thank you for the endless blessings! And also for the problems that you are giving us everyday because with that I know that I still exists in the world. May you continue to guide me and my family and give us the every day strength we need.

And also if not because of the number of views I won’t be able to work with other brands too. So super thank you my dearest readers! I won’t name names, you know who you are! Kaya naman, in return to your continuous love, support, and kindness I am preparing a little giveaway for all of you! I am planning on holding a raffle contest next week so watch out for that, okay?!

Again, thank you guys so much! I know the word thank you is not enough. Sana hindi kayo mapagod at mag-sawa sa pagbabasa ng Kikay Mommy Sha’s blog! I love y’all!


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