The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014 (Part Deux)


Finally guys, here’s the 2nd part of my previous post about our family reunion (read here) that happened three weeks ago at Lucena City. So going back on the topic…the committee also prepared a program during night-time. At 4ish the first part of the program was ended and it was the time for kids and the kids at heart to go swimming. As usual, my little bunny was so excited to dip in the pool! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know how Cyler loves the water, I swear he super-kaduper love every bits of it. He can even stay in the pool for more than 2hrs, wapakels if below zero lamig ng tubig. Ricafort Clan Reunion 20146

Cyler kept on telling “YAY! Swimming!”, oh he definitely enjoyed this part. Cj accompanied Cyler in the pool, it was too cold kasi hindi ko keri lumublob sa tubig. So ang ending ako nalang ang dakilang photographer nila. LOL!

At 6pm we attended the mass. After hearing the words of God I felt rejuvenated both physically and spiritually. It also made me realized how blessed we are to have this family. After the mass, the mouthwatering food was waiting for us! As usual, kain construction worker nanaman ang lola ninyo. Bawal ang diet! Lafang kung lafang! Ang sarap ng food eh. I swear! After having dinner, we all sang Happy birthday to Mommy!

IMG_9413Yep, we celebrated Mommy’s 87th Birthday! What else can I say? God is good! 🙂

It was indeed a fun-filled night because we we’re all dancing, singing, jumping, and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. It was indeed a special day because we were celebrating the gift of life and family. To be honest, I can’t even imagine myself reaching that age especially nowadays where pollution and food chemicals are present everywhere.

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20147That day we were all reunited and we are ONE FAMILY. 🙂

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20148

Feeling ko bumalik uli ako sa pagka-bata ko that day, kasi bawal ang KJ dapat kasali ka sa lahat ng activities. Nakakatawa nga kasi kami pa yung mga sumusunod sa mga bata. LOL! So feeling bagets din ang mga thunders that time. And we were all having the time of our life! Ang saya kasi kwento-kwentuhan tapos relax lang then tawa lang ng tawa. Ang saya diba?! 🙂

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20149

It was open bar too kaya naman matira matibay ang labanan! Well, mejo nagpaka-KJ ako kasi nag-aya na si Cyler matulog (achuchu!excuses!). Hihi….The next morning we woke up early para makapag-swimming uli before we go home. This time nag-swimming nako di ko na natiis eh. LOL! It was indeed a day filled with so much joy, looking forward to our next family reunion! 🙂

Ricafort Clan Reunion 201411The water was freakin’ cold!!!! But who am I to refuse this cutie patootie, right?! Tita Maggie, I wore the swim shorts you gave to me! Thank you, it fits really well! 🙂

Ricafort Clan Reunion 201410He also enjoyed morning swim with “Wowo” (Lolo)! Swimming lesson kuno sila dyan. LOL!

Ricafort Clan Reunion 20146Look at those smiles… priceless. 😉


Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”


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