A Weekend Story #8: Busy Day!


Don’t we just love weekends?!








Can you feel the summer heat already?! It ‘s getting hotter and hotter everyday, right?! NKKLK ang init! I love the idea of summer but I honestly don’t like the feeling of getting sweaty. Another thing that I don’t like about the heat is I get pantal all the time! Ewan ko, it’s weird pero pinapantal ako pag mainit most especially sa face. Does it happen to you guys?! Oh ako lang?!

Anyway, we were out the entire weekend. Yup! We had a busy weekend. Sa sobrang busy di ko namalayan na lumipas na sya ng ganun ganun lang. On Saturday, we attended my inaanak’s birthday party at Sofitel Hotel, Manila. We really love attending birthday parties! It always excites me and my boys. Just having the thought of the birthday festivities makes us all giddy and excited. And can I say that I love every bits of my inaanak party? Super nice ng setup! Plus the venue itself is super nice too. We love Sofitel Manila!

We took home lotsa prizes,giveaways, and food! I’ll share more of the party details in a separate post para makita ninyo lahat. Then last Sunday, we went to Quezon Memorial Circle again and watched Cj’s basketball game. Syempre hindi pwedeng mawala ang mga lucky charm at cheerer nya. LOL! It was scorching hot then but we still enjoyed playing in the park. This time hindi kami masyadong nagtagal sa park because we have another lakad.

After watching the game, we went home na. We just changed our outfits then off we went to the mall. We went shoe shopping with my BIL and SIL. Cyler bought another pair of DC shoes! Thank to his Tito Francis for sponsoring it. Oh lucky boy! Siya meron kami wala. LOL!

Then I had haircut na parang hindi masyadong halata. Haha! Sana pala mas maikli pa pinagupit ko noh? Ang init kasi sobra di kaya ng powers ko! Ang mga glands ng kili-kili ko sumusuko na rin. LOL! Uy pero may kasabihan “be proud of your jabar kasi pinagpapawisan mo yan.”. LOL! HAHAHA! #Defensive

So there, that’s how we spent our weekend! Now I’m planning to stay at home this coming weekend ayoko muna ng gala. I just want to cook and bake! Anong magandang lutuin guys? or i-bake? Any suggestions? 🙂

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