Holy Week 2014


Before the Lenten month ends I just wanted to share our memorable Holy Week that my family spent at my hometown, Antipolo. It’s our family’s tradition to spend our Holy Week break in Antipolo, I bet most Filipinos do the same thing too. It feels good to share all my childhood memories (here in my hometown) with my son because this is the place where I grew up. Lahat ng kanto, lahat ng sulok ng lugar nato ay punong puno ng masasaya (at malungkot) na karanasan. It gives me peace of mind and comfort every time I go to this place. Truly, there’s no other place like home, right? It’s very relaxing here because all you can hear are the sound of chirping birds, dancing trees, and the wind blows.

IMG_0006I’d like to share our hacienda errrr…garden in our backyard. The last time I went here konti palang yung nakatanim and now there are lots of herbs and vegetables already. So I simply pick my ingredients in our garden every time I cook. Ang saya lang how I wish I can also plant here in Caloocan, may tutubo kaya sa simento? LOL! #WishMoLangTeh


Can anyone see my nephew on the background? He’s picking some guava in our guyabano tree…..joke! Sa guava tree pala. LOL!

IMG_9971Eto nga pala ang mga anak ni “Basil” Valdez… ang mga baby basil. LOL! Ang corny ko today noh?! WAHAHAHA! Sorry na nakalimutan ko lang inumin yung gamot ko. LOL!


Baby basil!

We have citronella (for the mosquito’s, para ang lamowk siguradong teypowk!), papaya, calamansi, kamote, talbos ng kamote, and tomatoes. And we have avocado, star apple, banana, mango, and santol tree too! So basically all you need is the “monkey-monkey” skill, tibay ng loob, at tapang para makapitas ka ng mga yan kasi nasa kabilang bakod na yang mga yan. Hihi

Holy WEek '142

Cyler also enjoyed swimming in the basin while enjoying the wonders of nature (big word!).


Emote-emote din daw sya pag may time. LOL!


“Mommy, don’t you dare to post this picture to your blog” look. Ahihihi

And of course, he did a lot of playing too! He played endlessly with his cousins. And when I say endless play that means “walang uwian sa bahay” levelz ang ginawa nila.


Holy WEek '141Laro dito…..

Holy WEek '143Laro doon…


Walang katapusang laro-laro! Every day yan hanggang sa bumalik kami ng Manila, ligo lang pahinga nila. LOL!


Disclaimer: Hindi po malabo ang mata ninyo… sadyang blurred lang ang larawan. Sumulat sa may pinaka-malapit na presinto o barangay kung may reklamo kayo. HAHAHA!

Cj has work on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday (BOOOOO!) pero he’s work from home lang. Hindi daw kasi uso ang Holiday sa kanila kahit Holy Week! Kalurks! During Thursday and Friday I restrained myself from cooking fish lang kami all the way– inihaw na isda, may sabaw na isda, pritong isda… name it get it! LOL! Lahat ng klase ng luto ng isda ginawa ko kulang nalang iburo ko sila.

On Black Friday I cooked Chicken Afritada for lunch. I’m a big fan of tomato dishes(obviously) that’s why even in cooking viand I still prefer tomato based pa rin. I’ll share the recipe of my Chicken Afritada in a separate post. Tatakamin ko muna kayo. Teehee! 😛


And then I tried cooking Ginataang Bilo-Bilo for merienda. It was the very first time I tried cooking bilo-bilo, in fairness edible naman sya. 🙂

IMG_0098And of course during Easter Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ by hearing the words of God through our church’s Easter Sunday Service. After the service we had Easter Egg Hunting! I’ll share our family’s first Easter Egg Hunt in my next post! Yes, may part 2 pa ang Holy Week kwento ko so please watch out for that! 🙂


To be continued…. 😛




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