Easter Sunday: The Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ


I noticed that nowadays some people tend to forget the real essence of Easter Sunday. I’m no Saint neither a preacher but I just wanted to remind all of us that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bear in mind that Jesus Christ sacrificed his own life just to save us from our sins so let us not forget the real meaning and purpose of Easter Sunday. It’s not about the Easter bunnies and candies that we used to get at Easter celebrations.

So what’s the better way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection? Of course, none other than giving your whole time for Him and hearing the words of God. Last Easter Sunday, my family attended the Easter Sunday Service at Faith Academy, Volley golf Antipolo. The service started at 5:50AM and ended up at 9ish. It was indeed a blessed day for each and everyone of us. Nothing beats hearing the word of God! It is truly the best food for the soul. It’s rejuvenating, it gives you so much strength, and peace of mind.


After the service we had Easter Egg hunting! We were group accordingly, per group there is a designated color. If you’re team’s color is blue then that’s the color of egg that you need to find. We thought it was easy but we were wrong. It’s easy if you’ll just look for a random egg pero if there’s a specific color that you need to find then that’s what makes the egg hunting more eggziting! πŸ˜‰

So after grouping and game instruction, off we go to the fields to find the eggs! WOOOHOOO! Labo-labo na’to! LOL!


The game master was very sneaky! They hid some of the eggs at the top of the tree! So luge ako kaming mga bagets sa liit namin hindi namin talaga makikita yung mga itlog. Baka by the time na makita namin yung mga itlog bugok na! Megad! HAHAHA!


See that 3 round eggs?! T’was hid at the top of the tree!

Some eggs were hid in a place where you wouldn’t think that it was there kaya lahat ng butas tiningnan namin kahit bahay ng mga langgam at tipaklong…. joke! πŸ˜›


My sibling, Isang got three eggs! Hmmm…wait a minute…bakit iba-iba ang color nyan? Hindi ata yan ang color nila! Ang daya ng kapatid ko. Peace, Isangot! πŸ˜›


While every one were busy looking for eggs…. my toddler was busy building his own world. *bow*

IMG_0145Anak, wala tayo sa beach. Ano yang trip mo? “Paki-explain, labyu!”

After the egg hunting game, we had brunch and we ate the eggs! It was potluck and it was fun because it was like were having some picnic.



May maitim na balak nanaman ang dalawa halata sa kanilang mga mata… πŸ˜›

After having brunch, they prepared several games and the eggs are still involved in every game. We had saluhan ng itlog, basagan ng itlog lang ang peg nila dito. Kawawang itlog. LOL! πŸ˜›


Easter Sunday '14

Since Cyler can’t join the games yet, nakipag laro nalang sya with his Tito and Tita. Ayun ligayang-ligaya ang bagets. πŸ™‚


The sun was tremendously hot then but we didn’t care at all because we’re too busy having fun.

Easter Sunday '141

Spell ligalig? πŸ˜›

We definitely had loads of fun! Hallelujah! The Lord is risen! πŸ™‚


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