A Weekend Story #9: Food Trip at La Creperie


I love this part of San Juan, New Manila where La Creperie is located at because it’s the only place in the metro which is quite peaceful, clean, and quiet. Cj and I love the structure of the houses here, if one day we win in the lottery we’ll surely buy a house and lot here. Well, the big question is…. tumataya ba kami sa lotto? Well, all I can say is…it’s for you to find out! LOL! Anyway, going back to the story… usually napapadaan lang kami dito sa part ng New Manila but last Saturday night when we passed by this street I accidentally saw La Creperie. I’ve always wanted to try this resto but the thing is… I’m too lazy to google it so I don’t know where it is located. Thanks heaven I discovered La Creperie last weekend. Feeling ko it’s really meant to be! Chos! :p


So fast forward Sunday, we decided to try this resto. But before we go there we attended the mass first at Mt. Carmel church. This church is just a few kilometers away from La Creperie. I’ve always wanted to attend the mass at Mt. Carmel Church too but my super lazy driver (aka ze husband) doesn’t want to go here kasi malayo daw from our house. BUT surprisingly last Sunday pumayag sya (Hallelujah! Walang himala!) na dito kami magsimba. God is good all the time! πŸ˜›


Ngayon ko lang na-discover that there is also a cemetery at Mt. Carmel church, you can see it in our background.

I love Mt. Carmel church because it’s relatively unpopulated and I noticed that walang nagsi-simbang tabi lang… if you know what I mean. I just hate it whenever I see people inside the church who are just talking to one another or worst taking selfie’s while the mass is on-going. Nakaka-loka those kind of people, diba? Ang sarap lang kurutin sa singit. I swear! Anyway, after the mass, Cyler and I had a quick photo-op outside the church. First time eh! HAHAHA!


Smile silly boy!

After hearing the mass, off we went to La Creperie! Woohoo! It’s just 5mins away from the church. Yes,Β  1 tumbling, 1 kembot, at 1 kindat lang andun kana! Ganun sya kalapit from Mt. Carmel church.


Love how dainty, cozy, and relaxing the resto is. When we went here there are only few people dining then so there’s no hassle at all. Oh btw, please be reminded that you need to have a keen eye in finding this resto because it’s not noticeable and it’s situated at the corner of Calderon Street, San Juan New Manila. We’ve been passing by at this street for such a long time but I’d never notice it. I don’t know if it’s just me or my poor sense of direction. Hihi


Obviously, their best seller here are their crepes. I swear, their crepes is to die for! You can also personalized your crepe if you want to. πŸ™‚


Cj and I find their food a bit pricey and we think it’s not good for sharing too especially for boys. The food didn’t disappoint us at all coz it taste really good but nothing really special. πŸ™‚



Of course my favorite is the crepe! We ordered the Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie crepe. It has super moist fudge brownie inside a chocolate crepe and it’s not too sweet just right. The vanilla ice cream really goes well with the chocolate. Cj and I super kaduper love it! It’s heaven in every bite!


Here’s the evidence:


Hon, mag hunus dili ka tirhan mo naman ang mga langgam! LOL!

La Creperie crepe’s is officially my favorite now…. I’ll just dream of their crepe tonight. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “A Weekend Story #9: Food Trip at La Creperie

  1. Thanks for your review of the La Creperie. Been wanting to try it but I never had the chance. I hope you don’t mind but I think you are referring to Mt. Carmel Church in New Manila. I don’t remember a Mt. Carmen Church in the area. Thank you.

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