KMS Cooks: Avocado Ice-Cream


It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday here in the Philippines so most of the people are craving for something cold to eat or even drink. Eating ice-cream is indeed our number heat-buster. So I guess this post is on right timing since its summeeeeerrrrr! I know some people who doesn’t like eating avocado because it has a bitter aftertaste but when they tried this avocado ice-cream they begun to appreciate the goodness of avocado. I know it’s really hard to love their silky texture and versatile flavor BUT did you know that avocado has bunch of health benefits? Yes, this fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins. And it also considered as one of the healthiest food in the planet. Peksman! If you still don’t believe me read this (click this link).
Most of the people usually  mix the avocado with milk and sugar, some eat it as it is or mix it with salads. In our house we make avocado ice-cream. We simply mash the avocado, mix it with condense milk (and a bit of water),transfer it in a sealed container, and leave it on the freezer overnight. If you want a smoother and creamier texture you can use blender or food processor. Yung condense milk depends kung gano katamis yung gusto ninyo. If arnibal levelz trip ninyo then go! Basta make sure na masaya kayo sa outcome in the end. Hihi


Avocado is one of my favorite fruit that’s why I am so addicted to it. I don’t usually mash everything pag ako yung gumagawa nito gusto ko may mga avocado tidbits pa rin para lasang-lasa ko pa rin. Btw, we got this avocado from our tree in Antipolo. I think we got 3 sacks of avocado when we went home last Holy Week. Wala lang nakaka-tuwa because we got it from our own backyard. Those are the things that I miss about living in the mountain of Antipolo. LOL! Bundok talaga noh? HAHA!


Anyway, try this because it’s super easy to make not to mention healthy and yummmmmy!

their silky texture and versatile flavor make them hard not to love – See more at: you know that avocado contains lots of vitamins and nutrients?! Yesm

7 thoughts on “KMS Cooks: Avocado Ice-Cream

  1. naku sha, paborito ko yan! ung may milk at sugar tapos ilalagay mo sa freezer para talagang malamig! ang sarap nyan! kaso ang mahal na avocado sa market mabuti kayo may puno ng avocado sa anitpolo. =)

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