My Perfect Birthday Staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites (Part 1)


This is actually the 1st part (read the 2nd part here) of my birthday celebration. I had a pre-birthday celebration-slash-staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites last April 20. Yes, that was Easter Sunday. Its actually my birthday salubong, my real birthday kasi is April 21 and it just so happened that in my birth certificate it was set in April 22. Yeah, it’s a typo-error kind of issue, I only discovered that it was wrong when I entered high-school. Kalurks diba? Pero it’s okay kasi dalawa ang birth date(s) ko. O diba bonggels?!

Anyway, this day was a perfect day for me, a perfect birthday celebration because I was able to relax, enjoy the day, and most especially I was able to spent my entire time with my family. Yung kaming tatlo lang ni Cyler and Cj. So the question is…why did I choose Ace & Hotel Suites? Well, I first read about this hotel at Jerrelt’s post (you can read her post here, she’s really good (and definitely better than me!) in writing Hotel reviews), I think that was last year so ever since I read it I’ve been wanting to try and go here. Thing is I always forget it so it has never been push-through until one of my colleagues recommended it to me again and that’s the time I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday here. Sakto din kasi galing kami ng Antipolo when we went here so on the way lang siya. My initial plan kasi was to go at Tagaytay kaso hassle sa byahe especially na galing pa kaming Antipolo. So to make the long story short, it has been decided that I’m gonna celebrate my birthday at Ace Hotel & Suites!


When we arrived the place was a bit jam-packed already but the good thing was we were able to checked-in immediately. I just had to wait for about 10minutes and that’s it. In fairness, their staff are very efficient and friendly because they were able to accommodate us right away. As we enter the room Cyler immediately checked every corner of the room.


Soft bed- check! Clean Bathroom- check! TV w/Disney Channel- check! Milk- Check! Daddy- Check! Mommy- Check na check!

I booked the deluxe room with two double-bed. Hindi kasi kami kasyang tatlo sa queen-size bed (#Palusot#1) that’s why I decided to get the room with 2 double bed instead. I love that the room is very minimalistic, it’s really good if you have kids with you (like us). Because usually the kids will touch/play everything they see  hindi yan mapapakali sa isang tabi lang so a kid-friendly environment is really a major factor for me. Iwas gastos din pag may nasira or nabasag ang bagets. Most of the time kasi kids especially toddlers are careless. Btw, you can check their room rates here.


We kept the wine glass as well as the wine bottle in a place where Cyler can’t reach it kasi pinag di-diskitahan na nya. Hahaha!


I love the bathroom because its super clean and they have everything (towels, toiletries, bidet, and heater) the only downside is that the doorknob  is so easy to open so Cyler was able to open it easily. Malingat lang kami andun na sya nagla-laro sa loob ng bathroom, it’s dangerous kasi baka madulas sya.

Ace Hotel1

But overall, I love our room. And I love how Cyler appreciates everything. Wala kaming kalugi-lugi sa bayad kasi lahat nagamit ni Cyler. He was able to used (or should I say play?) the following things inside the room:

Cyler collected all the calling cards inside the room and read it one-by-one (as if may pagkakaiba ung mga calling card). Instant book for him since we weren’t able to bring any of his book! 🙂


Calling card = Instant “book”  reading

Also, Cyler was able to enjoy watching tv from the….. cabinet. HAHAHAHA!


He also played in front of the mirror, he kept on singing and talking to himself while sitting in the computer chair (see chair below). Sayang coz I wasn’t able to take a photo of him while he’s doing it but I have a video, I’ll share it one of these days. Nakaka-tuwa panoorin, promise! 🙂


Disclaimer: Cyler is not allowed to eat junk food but since we’re on vacation mode we allowed him to eat chips. Yes, vacation is cheat-day for us. 🙂

We drive thru at Jollibee before we checked-in and these are what we had for lunch especial request by none other than….. Cyler ang batang mukang Jollibee. Hehe


See the evidence?! 😛

IMG_0275Aside from the room, Cyler also checked the lobby. He said the lobby is clear and he can do whatever he wants to do. Susmaryosep na bata ‘ire!


After checking all the amenities, off we went at the Water Spa! We stayed there from 6PM until 9PM!  Unfortunately, no camera’s allowed inside the water spa so I’ll just make kwento about our experience. Sinulit namin yung 4hours, one time visit lang kasi yun eh bawal umulit. And besides you know naman si Cyler pag nilagay namin sa tubig ayaw ng umalis! Kalurks! Mga 730PM palang nag-aaya nako bumalik sa room pero yung mag-ama ko…. NR. Dedmabels lang ang mag-Daddy aba parang sila ang may birthday! LOL! We enjoyed the lazy river the most perfect for the lazy people like us. HAHA! Second is the kiddie water-pool mas less kasi ang tao and then yung water massage na for whole-body. Our package is inclusive of 2 Free Water-Spa, I just pay additional Php250 for Cyler.

Please note that they are “VERY” strict with swimsuits. For boys swimming trunks and cycling shorts only, no board-shorts allowed. Cj was wearing board-shorts then hindi sya pinapasok. Hahaha! Pero you can rent naman inside pero diba trunks for rent? My gulay! But since he doesn’t have any choice nag-rent nalng sya. For girls naman bawal din ang board-shorts dapat yung cycling and swimsuit lang din. Madami naman naka 2pc dun so go lang kung keribels ninyo naman.

After our superb water-spa experienced, ayun bagsak ang bagets! Grabe mukang namamahay yung anak ko noh? LOL!


We weren’t able to go outside too since borlogs na ang bagets so we decided to buy some food at the nearest kainan and eat it nalang in our room. We bought our dinner at Kanto Freestyle breakfast, it’s just one kembot away from Ace Hotel. Super lapit nya as in lakad mode ka lang. Kanto Frestyle Breakfast have the most affordable yet delectable food in Kapitolyo Pasig. If I’m not mistaken they also have branches in Mandaluyong and Marikina. I’ve tried their Eggs Benedict before in Mandaluyong and its really yummy. A gourmet food that you can buy in karinderya is definitely a one-of-a-kind and a must try. That night Cj and I ordered their spam, tocino, and tapa with egg and sinangag. Breakfast for dinner? Why not?! And it only cost PHP90/meal! Super mura na super sulit pa! Perfect for kain-construction like us! Hihi

After having dinner, I bet alam ninyo na ang kasunod…. Natulog na kami, of course. Kayo ah anong iniisip ninyo?! Borlogs na kami kasi pagoda eh. HAHAHAHA!

To be continued… in my next post! Teehee!

United Street corner Brixton Street near Pioneer, Pasig City Philippines
Reservation: (632) 462-8255 to 56 | Hotel Fax: (632) 462-8282


16 thoughts on “My Perfect Birthday Staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites (Part 1)

  1. Hahaha! Natawa naman ako MOmmy Sha. Kala ko kasi nagtitigan pa kayo ni Daddy Cj eh. Hehehe. Ang ganda ng water spa nila. I tried the one in Quezon city, yung first branch ata nila yun. That’s my first and last so far, that was back in 2010 ata. Hehehe. Looking forward to have staycation jan. Mukhang maganda naman jan eh. =)

  2. hahaha! nagtitigan daw muna sila mommy Jen, kung sino una pumikit syang talo!hehe! sana ma try din namin yang ace hotel one time.mukhang malinis naman kasi, kaso baka di pumayag si baby A na magkahiwalay kami ng bed! hihihi… =)

    • Hahaha! Oo nga actually parang naging day ni Cyler ‘to. Lahat na-enjoy nya eh pati pag-pupunas ng sahig, nagpa-dulas ng nagpa-dulas sa sahig! Kaloka! Ni-try ko ung cabinet kasya ako so kasya ka rin for sure. Hahahaha! Joke ndi ko sinubukan ah….hihihi

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