My Perfect Birthday Staycation At Ace Hotel & Suites (Part Duex)


As promise guys here’s the 2nd part of our wonderful staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites in Pasig (read 1st part here).If you’re an avid reader of this blog I’m pretty sure you know that we are not morning person…. surprisingly we all woke up before sunrise and we were able to capture this breath-taking view. Super nice noh? So can you imagine how early was that?! Dapat pala parati kaming mag-stay dito para maaga kaming nagigising noh? :p

At 7AM off we went to Sky Garden to have breakfast. Sky Garden is located at the 8th floor and their breakfast buffet starts as early as 6AM.


Love this ensembles inside the resto. Ang lakas maka-fresh!


I started my meal with fresh fruits. I’ll die if I don’t eat fruits. Ang morbid noh? Pero that’s how I feel about it. Baliw lang noh? LOL!


Then followed by eating salad. Can I say that I love their thousand island dressing?! It’s not sour unlike other dressing.


Syempre akala ninyo yun na yun? Ngayon palang talaga ako mag-start kumain. HAHA!


I love their longanisaaaaaaaaa! Promise! This is my kind of longanisa. Syempre dahil buffet naka 2 rounds of rice ako. HAHAHA!

After having breakfast, off we went at the outdoor garden.


As usual, Cyler checked every corner of the garden. Papunta palang kami nalibot na nya hanggang dulo.


Of course ang tatay emote-emote din pag may time.


Oh I love their bench, it’s so inviting and relaxing. Perfect spot for chika-time noh?


Do you guys remember these santan flowers? These flowers reminds so much of my childhood. Pinatikim ko din kay Cyler yung nectar nito. Na-weirdohan lang sya ng very-very slight. Hihi


And of course, hindi kumpleto ang family-trip without having family portrait! 🙂


Picture ba kamo?

Ace Hotel

Define cam-whoring?! Hihihi

We definitely had a perfect and wonderful stay here at Ace Hotel & Suites. We will definitely go back! More than the unforgettable moments it’s the time spent with my family is what I treasured the most. Nothing beats that! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Perfect Birthday Staycation At Ace Hotel & Suites (Part Duex)

  1. i love sunrise! ang sarap ba pumunta sa terrace at mag kape! pag sunset naman, masarap mag emote! hahaha! ganda ng mga pics nyo mommy sha. Iba talaga ang bonding ng pamilya. =)

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