KMS Birthday Celebration (Part 3)


Promise last na’to! Hihi

At dahil love na love ako ng mga boys ko, they treat me all the way on my birthday. Sky’s the limit level! Chos! Of course kung may birthday dinner (read KMS Birthday Dinner here) dapat may lunch din diba? LOL!

Since it was already set that we’re going to have our dinner at Movie Stars Cafein MOA, I’ve decided that we’ll just have our lunch here in MOA as well. I’ve been craving for crabs that day but we can’t think of any resto in MOA that serves crabs. The sun was sizzling then that’s why we’re too lazy to go on the MOA seaside, nakapag-park na din kasi kami in the mall so sayang naman kung lalabas pa uli kami at ipa-park namin sa seaside ung kotse, daba?

WARNING: This post contains bunch of negative feedbacks (aka rants). 🙂

Anyway, since dito na kami inabutan ng gutom namin we decided to dine-in at the nearest resto and that is none other than Racks. Well the truth is hindi ako natuwa sa food and service nila. The pasta that Cj ordered (see photo above) is bland…as in! The good thing is masarap ung ribs nila which is dapat lang because that’s their house specialty. I just don’t like their food presentation here, look at the salad does it look   appetizing to your eyes? My gulay! Okay sana kung hindi pricey yung food so tanggap ko pa sana kaso hindi eh. Plus super tagal ng pag-serve nila. Hay.


Plus their staff are not so friendly and accomodating lahat naka-simangot to think na that time wala naman masyadong customer. Sorry about ranting ah, I’m just telling what we experienced here. I was so disappointed talaga and I told Cj that we should never come back here. But wait there’s more! The other staff told me that they’ll give me free cheesecake since it’s my birthday pero nakapag-bill out na kami lahat-lahat walang dumating na “cheesecake”… kahit cheese wala! Hay kakaloka! Na-stress lang ako dito. Minsan kasi kahit hindi okay yung food basta very accommodating yung staff nakakalimutan mo na yung lasa ng food eh kaso in their case wala talaga. Hay! Buti nalang talaga nabawi namin sa dinner.

Here are my dates who are not so happy with the service too.


And because the birthday girl got disappointed they tried to make me happy– pinag-shoe shopping nila ako! Weeee! Eh kung parating ganito dapat pala araw-araw akong disappointed. Joke! Hihi


Here are the shoes that I purchased:




The shoes are all from Celine! They really know how to make Mommy happy. Teehee! 🙂

After our shoe shopping adventure, we went outside to grab for some cold drink.


Look who’s happy and excited!

20140504-080353We had Rainbow shave-ice to beat the summer heat!


Here’s Cyler making funny faces with Mommy and Daddy. This is his sad face daw, yung totoo anak?


Thank you guys for making me happy on my special day!


Now tell me how can I not be happy if I already have these two?! Not one but two! Thanks hon and baby for letting me feel that Mommy is so special. 🙂

10 thoughts on “KMS Birthday Celebration (Part 3)

  1. haven’t tried racks mommy sha, ang dami kasi palaging tao sa mall pag pumupunta kami sa kanila pag weekends, gusto ko pa naman i-try yung ribs kasi mukhang promising. hehe!

  2. Too bad about the service because their ribs are really delicious particularly the beef ribs. Bad service leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. But yehey for the shoes! Hehehe.

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