A Weekend Story #10: Discovering Purple Oven


I love baking and I’m a sucker for pastries and cakes that why I’ve always wanted to try Purple Oven. I’ve heard they have the best pastries in the metro. Thing is they only have few branches and it’s too far from our home. So last Saturday when we attended a Christening at Sacred Heart, Makati we were able to visit Purple Oven. We arrived too early at the church so while waiting we made tambay muna at Purple Oven.


If I’m not mistaken this is their first ever branch  and the good thing is it’s just across the church. As in tatawid ka lang and that’s it pansit! They said Purple Oven is the cake and pastries supplier of Starbucks too kaya ang yummy ng mga cakes nila! #Sipsip

 I wonder why do they called Purple Oven? Dahil purple ang kulay ng oven nila? Charooot! 😛


They have tons of different breads, cakes, and pastries to choose from.


I supposed to buy their revel bars only because it was highly recommended by my friend but because all of their pastries are worth of mouth-watering, I ended up buying lemon bars too. #TakawMuch


I love their lemon bars! Super kaduper love! This is definitely a must try! Sa sobrang love ko sa kanya I tried baking lemon bars last weekend. Hehe


For me, the revel bar is over rated. It taste good but I still prefer the lemon bars. I don’t know if it’s just my taste buds but we have our different preferences when it comes to food. Or maybe I’m sawa na rin with chocolates because most of the time ayan yung bini-bake ko. Hehe


Anyway, the store’s interior is so inviting and dainty! Someday I want to own a pastry shop too and gusto ko kasing dainty nito! Super dream ko talaga yun. Ang tanong…kailan kaya matutupad yun? Who knows?! Nothing is impossible with God. 🙂


Sarap tumambay and chumika-chika here not to mention that their place is perfect for pictorial too! Hindi naman halata noh? LOL!


And because malapit na ang Mother’s Day, here’s our “mother and son” moment. Just a typical scenery of a mother trying to convince his son to have a photo-op with her. Poor little boy. HAHAHAHA!

8 thoughts on “A Weekend Story #10: Discovering Purple Oven

    • Thank you, Irene! Pahirapan lang talaga yung mga branch nila kasi sasadyain mo talaga pero super kaduper worth it naman.

      Wish ko lang kasing sarap din ng purple oven ung mga bini-bake ko. Hihi

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