Introducing Lemon Square Power Pops Cereal Snack!


As a mom, one of our major difficulties in life is keeping our family healthy. And in order to keep them healthy, We, moms are constantly looking for the perfect and healthy food for our kids. Of course we want to give the best for our kids, right? Thing is that there are tons of different snacks available in the market but still we don’t know what’s the best for our kids and worst, we get confuse which one we have to try first. Agree moms and dads? I bet you can relate to this. Finding the perfect snack for our kids is also a hit and miss process.

But fret no more mommies because I finally discovered the perfect snack for our kids and I’m very excited and happy to share it with y’all. Our friends from Lemon Square are here to help us because they understand the needs of every family. I bet we are all familiar with Lemon Square products; I grew up with their cheesecake because it’s always been my baon back when I was a kid. Even now that I have my own child, Lemon Square products are always stapled in our grocery list. Our favorites? Cheesecake, Inipit, Brownies, and the new added favorite that kids will love to, the Power Pops!

Today, I proudly introduced our newly found love– Power Pops Cereal Snack from Lemon Square! So first things first, what is Power Pop Cereal Snack? Power pop is a crispy and chewy cereal snack that contains vitamins and minerals, it’s a type of snack that you and your kids will surely love. It’s a convenient snack that you can bring anytime, anywhere. And did you know that this snack has no artificial flavor?! Yes, you read it right! It doesn’t contain any artificial flavor that any other snack contains but its still super delicious. It’s not only for the kids but for the kids at heart as well. Power Pops! contains the following Vitamins that can help boost your child’s energy:

  • A –    Good for the eyesight
  • B –     Boost immune system
  • B2 –   Helps in energy production
  • B9 –   Important for Metabolic Process

I’m pretty sure you and your kids will fall in love more with Power Pops! cereals snack because it’s not only yummy, its so healthy too! They also have three different new and improved variants. They have the following variants available in the market:

Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits




Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating


My favorite is their peanut caramel while Cyler’s fave is the champorado flavor. The Peanut Caramel is the bomb! It’s a chocolatey chewy bar with peanut and caramel. Peanut and caramel are always a perfect combination. The Champorado taste like a chewy dark chocolate coated cereal, this one are the kids favorite. While the Milky Caramel taste like a chewy and crispy cereal coated white chocolate.

Power Pops! is indeed the perfect snack buddy for your kids because it’s very handy you can bring it everywhere! May it be playing in the field or in a garden, on a road trip, at school, at the train station, while you’re working, while you’re waiting, or even if you’re just at home. Just grab one bar and you’re good to go! Power Pops! is indeed our perfect snack time buddy.


 Power Pops! is definitely our partner in making sure that our child has better options when it comes to snacks even if we’re not around. Power Pops! cereal snack is available at all leading supermarkets nationwide and it’s very affordable too for only Php6.00/bar.  It’s not only delicious it’s also really healthy! From now on there’s no need to worry about what to buy in the supermarket because Lemon Square Power Pops! is here to the rescue! Tested by most moms, truly Lemon Square is indeed our number one partner in raising a healthy family.

And to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day, Lemon Square Power Pops is launching the Power Shop for Power Pops Moms promo. You can check their FB Page (click here) to check out the online Promo. The mechanics are super easy to follow.


Power Shop For PowerPops Moms Mechanics:

1. Participants must like the PowerPops Facebook page at

2. Upload your best photo with your mom on your timeline and state reasons why you love her as the caption. Tag Powerpops Facebook page and include the hashtag #PowerShopForPowerPopsMoms to be considered an official entry.

3. Three winners will be selected to get a hold of Sodexo gift certificates plus gift packs from Power Pops. Consolation prizes in a form of gift packs will be given to 5 other participants.

1st Place P10,000 worth of Sodexo and PowerPops gift packs
2nd Place P5,000 worth of Sodexo and PowerPops gift packs
3rd Place P3,000 worth of Sodexo and PowerPops gift packs

4. Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:
Photo creativity and presentation (50%)
“Why I love my mom” statement originality (40%)
PowerPops judges’ personal choice (10%)

5. Promo is valid nationwide. Promo period is from April 21 – May 9, 2014

6. Winners of the promo will be announced via PowerPops Facebook page on May 12, 2014.

7. Entries from first degree relatives of Big “E” Food Corporation employees will be considered void.

Super easy to join right? So what are you waiting for?! Join now and win lotsa prizes only from Lemon Square!


Thank you Lemon Square for trusting us moms and for being our number 1 partner in keeping our family healthy. 🙂



Follow Lemon Square Power Pops on Facebook: PowerPops




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