KMS Cooks: Ginataang Bilo-Bilo



Ginataang Bilo-Bilo(glutinous rice ball) is another authentic Filipino favorite and is widely popular here in our country. If you’re Bicolano/Bicolana (like moi!) then you probably know this Filipino dish. Bilbil (short for Bilo-bilo…chos! #imbentowords) is one of my favorite merienda, my paternal grandmother introduced this dish to me. And I swear my Lola cooks the best Ginataang bilo-bilo ever! She really is one of my pegs when it comes to cooking. Bilo-bilo is one of her specialties too so last Holy Week when we stayed in our house in Antipolo I tried to cook ginataang bilo-bilo. In fairness, my version of bilo-bilo was edible though I must admit that still nothing beats my Lola’s ginataang bilo-bilo.  I’m actually so so so excited to share this recipe that I inherited from my Lola. Btw, I don’t have any specific measurements for the ingredients, I only used the dagdag-bawas method. Teehee!


  • 1 1/2 cups pure coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup water (or pangalawang pinagpigaan ng gata)
  • bilo-bilo (rice balls)
  • saging na saba, cubed
  • cooked tapioca pearl (sago)
  • sweet potato, cubed
  • sugar (measurement of sugar depends on how sweet you want your bilo-bilo)

Easy-Peasy Recipe:

1. Prepare the rice balls by forming it into a circular shape.

2. In a medium heat, prepare a pot and add 1 cup pure coconut milk and water. Stir occasionally until it boils.

3. Add rice balls, cook until the though starts to float.

4. Add sweet potato, cook until half-cooked.

5. Then add saging na saba, sago, and langka strips.

6. Add remaining pure coconut milk, cook until the sauce gets thicker but don’t over cook it.

7. Serve with a smile! 🙂


Additional Cooking Tips: You can also add langka in your bilo-bilo. I didn’t used water in this recipe, ang ginamit ko is yung pangalawang pinag pigaan ng gata (yung hindi na pure) because it makes the sauce thicker and yummier. Dapat low or medium lang ung heat kasi mabilis masunog pag may gata. And it’s better to use violet sweet potato and small sago in this recipe. So there, hope it helps you guys!


Happy cooking! 🙂


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