Mother’s Day Celebration


Belated Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mom-to-be, mother figure, and single dads out there! So how did you celebrate this day? I celebrated mine with my family together with my in-laws. I went to Batangas last Saturday for our Company Outing but I went back in Manila last Sunday so I was able to celebrate this special day with my family though I was really dead-tired from our long trip. Anyway, this day is a special day for me and it was extra special because I celebrated it with my son, Cyler and husband, Cj… for without them I won’t become a mother, right?!

That mother’s day greeting card was made by Cyler and Cj. And not only that…they also prepared a gift for moi. They are indeed the sweetest! Nawala ang pagod at puyat ko when I saw these. Napa-emote talaga ako ng bongga-bongga. As in pang MMK level! Cj bought the skirt that I’ve been eying  for the longest time in Forever21, you know naman pag umiral ang pagka-kuripot natin mga misis kahit gustong-gusto natin hindi talaga natin bibilhin. So super natuwa talaga ako when I opened their gift to me. Tsaka coming from Cj, my goodness #1 nuknukan ng kuripot yan!


Prior to that surprise we went to Greenbelt first to hear the mass. After hearing the mass off we went to Timezone (one of our happy place!).


That’s Cyler, Cj, and his Lolo playing basketball together.


See how supportive the lolo is?! 🙂


Napansin ko Mother’s Day ‘to pero mas nag-enjoy pa ung mag-ama kesa sa nanay. Hmmm… Paki-explain! Love you! 😛


See?! Bonding galore to the max ang mag-ama tapos ang nanay dakilang photographer lang?! Aba! Aba! Aba! In their defense, may surprise naman daw sila sakin kaya wag na daw akong mag-tampo. LOL!

After playing at Timezone off we went to Via Mare to have family dinner.


Okay na sana the food pero naloka kami sa service. The waiter who served us was nakasimangot the entire time plus may dabog factor pa sya while serving the food. As in super kaduper nakakawalang gana their service. Even my in-laws got very disappointed too. You know the saying “food is something but service is everything”? That’s super true. Pag poor ang service hindi na babalikan ng tao kahit gano pa kasarap yung food. Oh well, I hope they improve their service if ever they read this post.

Anyway, here are some of the food that we ordered then.


Pako Salad

Via Mare’s Pako Salad is one of their best-seller here. It taste really good especially the dressing. Their dressing really goes well with the crispy pako leaves.


This one is their tuyo fried-rice, it’s good but it’s too salty. We also ordered their adobo rice with salted egg and tomatoes and it was a big hit to us that’s why  I highly recommend their adobo rice.


We also ordered baked oyster from Oyster Bar Express. Via Mare and Oyster Bar are just in one resto.

We also ordered kara-kare, sinigang na bangus, and their crispy tilapia. The food are OK but nothing really special. It taste like a typical Filipino food.

One of the highlights of our day was the fish feeding, why? Because we all enjoyed it. 🙂


Thanks hon for the surprise! Na-surprise mo talaga ako dun, in fairness. Pano ba naman kasi once in a bluemoon lang yan mag-regalo (may pinag huhugutan lang?! LOL!) at pag nag regalo yan yun yung time na I least expect it. I guess he really knows how to surprise me. Plus to think na sakto lang ang binibigay ko sa kanyang allowance. Hihi Thanks again, Hon! I love you so so much!


How about you mga muthers?! How did you celebrate our special day?

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