Company Outing at Eagle Point, Batangas


Hi guys! I know you’re wondering why I’m MIA for the past four days… I was pretty busy but in a good way. This time it’s not about work, I’m too busy with my family. Cyler is feeling under the weather since last Sunday so I was busy taking good care of him too. I also take a leave at work today because of that but don’t worry God is in control. Cyler feels a lot better now. He’s so energetic and playful again parang walang sakit.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share this unforgettable trip I had few weeks ago. It was our company outing at Eagle Point, Anilao Batangas.  This is the only time that I joined our company outing again after 2 years of not joining.Nope, it’s not because I’m KJ it’s because madalas natatapat ung outing namin sa birthday ni Cyler. So ayun 2 times akong hindi nakasama. In fairness, this beach is really nice though super-kaduper layo nya. I was literally scared-to-death going here because you really have to go thru cliff and mountains just to get here. In fact, there are only certain place for buses because they won’t fit in the road anymore. So we have to transfer in their shuttle (which is btw a jeepney). Our foreigner boss’ did enjoy the ride they said if feels like we’re riding a roller coaster (imagine?!). So while their having fun I’m dying deep inside of me. LOL! But it was all worth it, I tell ya. 🙂

So allow me to tour you around this wonderful paradise and discover it’s secret beauty. 🙂


On our way going to Sepoc Island. Watta wonderful view indeed. 🙂

Upon arriving at the beach resort we were headed to another island called Sepoc Island. This is where we had our lunch and team building. Sorry, I don’t have any photos of the island at the moment because I didn’t bring my camera there and I need to get the photos first at my office computer and transfer it in my personal laptop. But I’ll share the photos once I have it, pati mga ex-rated photos ko. LOL! I swear it’s really nice there! Perfect for photoshoot! We travel 20-30minutes more going to this island.

We super loved the food that they served at Sepoc Island! OMG! Their inihaw na pusit is the best inihaw I’ve tasted in my entire life! It simply melts in my mouth in every bite. I swear walang halong eklavoo yan! Me and my officemates can attest to that.


These are the photos I took from my camera phone and dslr.


This one is my favorite spot! Upon entering the lobby this is the first thing that you’re gonna see. Isn’t it nice?! 🙂


Isn’t it amazing?



Isn’t it surprising?! LOL!

IMG_1074This face looks so surprising, isn’t it?! WAHAHAHA!


Let me tour you naman in the hotel.

Hotel's mini-lobby

Hotel’s mini-lobby

They have villa’s, cottages, and hotel rooms. And since this is a company outing they booked the hotel room for us.


Main lobby


Welcome to room 105! 🙂

I noticed that not all their rooms are nice. But our designated room is really nice and it’s big unlike other rooms.



Their bathroom is clean, has complete toiletries, and quite big but there’s only one thing I don’t like about their bathroom… they don’t have bidet!!!!!!!!! That’s the most important thing pa naman but they do have tabo. But then again… I’m still disappointed. 😦



We also have veranda which serves as our sampayan. LOL!


Here’s the breath-taking view from our veranda. Just by looking at this makes me realize how smart, good, and creative God is.


We also did snorkeling here. It cost around Php300++ per head including the gears that you will be using for snorkeling. Okay naman may nakita naman akong fish mga…apat. LOL! Joke lang mga sampu naman ganyan. HAHAHA! Kasi nasa shore lang kami banda nag snorkeling so wala masyadong fish. But they have this what they called training pool eklavoo which is also connected to the ocean. If it’s your first time in scuba diving or snorkeling they suggest na dun ka muna mag-try, there are lots of different fish in that big pool including baby shark and malalim sya in fairness. Ayun sa sobrang nerbyos ko andun lang ako sa hagdan. WAHAHAHA! Di ako prepared grabe nagbayad ka ng 300++ para magpakain sa pating. LOL! Kidding aside, di naman nangangagat ung pating nanunuklaw lang. Ganun. Teehee!

So there! Say hi to my friends– the TBG! I’ll share more photos on my next post! 😉



4 thoughts on “Company Outing at Eagle Point, Batangas

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    • Not sure how expensive it is because the expenses was shouldered by our company. This place is really far but the travel (not to mention the adventure!) time is really worth it when you get here.

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